Pin Oak Preview

Pin Oak Preview

It had been a really long time since I had taken images I was happy with at a nice horse show.  With the heritage Pin Oak Charity Horse Show a mere two hour drive away, I decided to trek out this weekend in search of some AA pony time.


And I found ponies, literally.


Also junior hunters, adult jumpers, and some AO/junior jumpers.  All the pretty horses essentially.


Being me, I tried to take a series of photographs to turn into blog posts for the next few weeks.  I will say that Pin Oak wasn’t quite as fanciful as I predicted… I guess I have been forever spoiled by the mecca that is the Winter Equestrian Festival.


Even so, it was a really nice day spent!  I’ll drop a few preview pics here for now, but as soon as I get through editing the 500+ that I took I will share my favorites with you here.


Hope everyone else had a fun weekend with at least a small does of pony!

27 thoughts on “Pin Oak Preview

  1. Ah, so fun! I was supposed to walk away from the Carolina International with tons and tons of fun pony pics. Instead, it turns out my new lens needs calibration in a really bad way- it’s SO back-focused that really nothing turned out the way I wanted. I’ll live through your show pics instead I guess!

    1. I was struggling yesterday too! First the focus seemed REALLY slow and then I was having a ton of problems with the exposure. Hence why I have to spend so much long post processing. To my credit, it went from full sun to full shade off and on every 5 minutes… blerg.

      Do you have any suggestions as to how often lenses need calibrating/whatever? I haven’t touched mine since I bought it in 2008…

  2. If you find out anything about calibration of lenses, I would be thrilled to see a blog post related to horse photography/lenses. haha. I have the stock lens that came with my camera and a telephoto, but that’s all I use really.

  3. Ohmahgah I love the pretty ponies!! I would looove to hear about your photography- my nice camera is a very expensive paperweight at the moment and it would be awesome to get some tips on using it for horsey purposes (because let’s be honest, what else am I going to take pics of??).

    1. I’ve written a series of equine photography tip posts here in the past. You can click on the ‘Equine Photography’ link under the drop downs to find them in the archives 🙂

  4. That third photo is everything I imagine a HJ show is, shiny horses, ogilvy, tech stirrups, wrinkly boots, and brand logos. Well captured 😉

  5. Lovely photos and lovely ponies! Can’t wait to see more!

    Random question – when you shoot random people at shows and use them on your blog, do you ever worry that they’ll stumble across their pic on yur blog and be like “omg how dare you use a photo of me!” Granted, I doubt that would happen because 1) you own the pic and 2) if I found a photo of me like used on a blog like this I would just be stoked for a great pic of me and my horse and want a copy! I have a small stock of random pics from events that was wanting to use ony blog for some pic filler, but what can I say, I’m a worrier!

    1. Good question! With photos used commercially, you need a model release for EVERY “recognizable” person in the photo. That is why I don’t resell pretty much any of my images, because that’s a giant pain in the ass.

      Editorial use, like this blog, however is fine. I can pretty much take any photo and as long as I take it and I don’t use it commercially… it’s fair game. Of course if anyone ever contacted me and had major concerns about having their image online, I would most likely remove it from the blog. I’ve never had that happen since 2008 though, and I’ve used images in a lot of places.

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