Family Time in North Kakalacky

Family Time in North Kakalacky

I’m back in Texas after four days spending time with family in my home state of North Carolina.  I could have been grumpy driving into work this morning, but it’s hard to be sad when the shoulders of the highway are covered in blue bonnets and it’s low 70’s when I walked out my front door.

Love. Spring.

There’s not much exciting to report about my weekend, but I wanted to post something today before I attack y’all with more Pin Oak photos or go back to the barn to ride my silly Simon creature.  So basically all I have is random snippets from this weekend.

Not pictured is the large amount of BBQ I ate.  I regret nothing.

For my Mom’s birthday, we had fancy family dinner and decided to try a blow dry bar before.  Basically they just wash and style your hair… not really my thing, but I did remember not to ask for ‘volume’ when you’re in the Southeast.


It was poofier before this picture.  Think Steele Magnolias.

After watching NCSU lose their game in the NCAA tournament (this will be the last time I buy a new NCSU shirt the night before the game), we switched to all things gender reveal party.  My brother and his wife are expecting, and held a party to find out the gender of their baby… complete with adorable sugar cookies.


Since I’m a brat and hate surprises, I found out the gender before hand.  This allowed me to help with very important things like… chalk art.


I also helped my Mom dress my brother’s Labrador up to carry a stork.  The stork had a notecard which basically told them the baby’s gender.  It was super cute.


Then we ate too much BBQ and drank too much wine.


The last ‘exciting’ (who am I kidding… this post is not exciting) thing to note is that I visited Mr. Elvis before I left.  He’s 22 now, and looking great.  I didn’t stay long and just hand grazed him some and gave lots of pats.


Every time I see him again, I’m surprised by how little he is.  Crazy that I used to feel at home on him compared to Simon.  I love Elvis and glad he has a great home where he’s cared for, but I’m really happy with my current horse.  A lot of my time spent with Elvis was trying to make him into something he wasn’t… which wasn’t fair to him.  Square peg in a round hole situation.  I still think he’s a better horse from me owning him, since I put a lot of miles on him and helped him end up in the perfect home he has now… but Simon is a better horse for me.  Simon is my heart horse now, although I still love the little red guy a lot.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

17 thoughts on “Family Time in North Kakalacky

  1. I thought my boyfriend was the only one who purchased that crazy zebra blanket. His horse is wearing it in purple. My inner hunter princess cannot stand to be near it. Also your hair looks great.

  2. Glad you had a good time in NC! I’ve been wanting to try the dry bar since it opened in Raleigh!! Maybe one day. I love big hair though lol

  3. Love the gender reveal party! My brother and his wife did the same thing, it was super cool to all find out together. Congrats on having a little niece to spoil 🙂

  4. Estella has that zebra blanket in purple ;). It was only $40 so that’s why I bought it. But the liner also ripped the first month I had it. Ugh.

    Sounds like a good weekend! I need to go visit my old horses soon!

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