A Seasonal Sunday Project

A Seasonal Sunday Project

I don’t know why, but the idea of a seasonally appropriate front porch is super thrilling to me.  There’s no real reason for this.  I don’t think anyone has ever driven by the front of my house and said, “Goodness!  There is no seasonal wreath… how will I  know if it is actually fall or spring right now?  The horror!”

Passers by might not do that, but I sure do.

During spring and summer I lose some of the gusto that is a seasonal porch.  I always try to get amped up for Easter and pin cute pastel things and create lists for DIY projects… but something always takes the wind out of my sails and Easter quickly becomes a wash.

Summer?  Forget it.  Summer is in Texas is too hot for life.  I hide on the back porch in the dark and drink white wine until fall comes around.  But when Fall is here… it’s on.

So when our temperature first hit the 60’s one night and I pulled out of my driveway the next morning, I knew this porch had to go:

It’s too seasonally uncommitted.  Too blah, and the upside cooler to the left of the door makes a statement like “I just got drunk from tubing down the Comal River” instead of “I’m inside my cozy kitchen making pumpkin butter.”  So, this Sunday I got up and busted my ass in what I call the seasonal porch makeover of 2012.

Perhaps painting the front door was a drastic step… but all’s fair in seasonal decorating.  To be fair, we never loved the yellow anyway and had been meaning to give this guy an update.  So after several coats of new paint, a trip to the Dollar Store, and me climbing through the back of my storage shed to fetch the seasonal wreath – the  makeover was complete.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly sleeping much better at night now that it’s done.

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