Selfie Sunday – Sickie

Selfie Sunday – Sickie

I dropped off my husband early Thursday morning for a bachelor party weekend in North Carolina.  I was happy for him to have a weekend with close friends goofing off and forgetting about responsibilities.  For me, I had several days scheduled of lots of barn time and working on my yard planting spring flowers.


What did I get instead?  102 fever on Thursday.  I stayed home from work and slept all day.  By sleeping all day I also slept through feeding the dogs’ breakfast, and my geriatric one-eyed somewhat neurological Boston Terrier had a freakout on me because she was hungry.  Normal dogs have a hunger freakout that may involve barking or whining, but my old ass Boston runs through the yard eating anything in sight (grass, dirt, sticks, anything) until she’s sick.  In a younger dog that wouldn’t bother me so much, but she’s old and I can’t have her system getting all out of whack.  So naturally, I chased her around our back yard in my underwear with a raging fever while holding an English muffin so she might choose to eat that instead of grass.  That was my Thursday.


Friday I attempted to go to work since we have a big project going on, but mostly I sat in my desk and sweated with fever.   I made it until 12 before I went to the grocery store to buy any over the counter medicine that claimed it would help severe flu.  I also bought myself a Mother’s Day cookie cake (from my dogs of course) because I really wanted one (I blame Lindsey).  When at home I have no appetite to eat the cookie cake, because I am so sick.  I send pathetic text messages to my husband.  I watch the entire season of Trophy Wife.  That was my Friday.


Saturday I decide I’m probably dying and plan to take myself to urgent care as soon as it opens at 9:00am.  At 9:30am I’m groaning in bed trying to teleport myself to urgent care… which does not work.  I finally get there and spend two hours waiting for them to tell me I’m dying.  They don’t, but I do have some kind of throat infection that looks like strep but isn’t strep on top of the flu.  While waiting I beg a barn mate to ride my horse (she does, she’s awesome).  The nice urgent care doctor gives me antibiotics.  When I get home I lock up all of my annoying dogs (hint, that is 66% of my dog population) and nap for hours.  I watch the first season of Scandal and buy the second season as well.  The text messages to my husband get slightly less pathetic.   I am able to nibble some of my cookie cake.


With any luck today I will finish season two of Scandal and get some actual work done for the big project launching tomorrow.  Job security says I should do that, but really I’ll just be happy to swallow without intense pain.

Needless to say, I did not get any

10 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday – Sickie

  1. Sore throats are the worst. I had one that felt like knives a couple weeks ago. I hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Aw, sorry to hear you don’t feel well. The only part of being sick that I *like* is not having to be at work, but there is so much suckiness in being sick that I’d rather just just be at work! Feel better soon. :0)

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