A Brag About Simon

A Brag About Simon

Right now my horse is not taking the hunter/jumper world by storm. He’s not jumping 3’6″ and he’s not doing perfect lateral work or flying changes.

There are a lot of other things that are more important to me right now.

When he gets several days off, I can pull him out and know that I’ll get a decent ride from him. May he be a little resistant to bend or maybe a little anxious for transitions? Most likely, yes but he won’t be silly and he won’t be explosive or frustrating to ride. I won’t feel the need to lunge forever, and there won’t be that sinking feeling where you just know your ride is going to be terrible.

When I am sad, he impresses me with his many faces of awkwardness. People have told me that he doesn’t look like a nerd horse, but sometimes you have to be “in the flesh” to see his true personality. Trust me, it’s the personality of a dweeb, but it does make me smile.



His treat face also makes me smile.


Most of all, when I’m depressed and can’t gather any motivation to give him a real ride, he lets me hop on bareback and trail ride around the property.


When my heart is heavy, he carries me… in more ways than one.

23 thoughts on “A Brag About Simon

  1. Equine therapy at it’s best. I really love your horse.
    Rio was like that. He was only fresh like twice a year. The other two… they’re a bunch of lunatics 85% of the time.

  2. He’s worth his weight in gold if he’s helping you get through this time. And as they say quiet is the best color. Really nice to have a horse that can be inactive and still be a cool cucumber.

  3. The things Simon does for you are so much more valuable than a 3’6″ horse with auto changes. Good boy Simon!

  4. Aw all the feels in this post! I am so thankful that ammie friendly horses like Simon (and mine) exist. They make life so much more bearable. Funny faces, bareback rides, and pony time is the best therapy around, in my opinion.

  5. I love that last line. Simply put and simply beautiful.

    That face is begging to be stuffed with cookies.

  6. Horses are the best, for all that I complain about Kika’s under saddle antics i wouldn’t trade her empathy for the world. Despite her quirks I’d still hop up on her bareback before Nancy…but then again I have never ridden Nancy bareback because i never have anybody around to call for help incase it were to go wrong. Plus K is better at immediately reacting to vocal cues, the only time her uber-sensitivity pays off *nod*

  7. Simon sounds like everything a girl could wish for in a horse. i definitely need and crave that reliability in my equine partner for so so many reasons!

  8. Sometimes it’s those quiet casual rides that do both of us the best – no wiggling, anxiety, adjusting of equipment. Give Simon a big nose rub from me

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