Horse Bloggers Weekend Confirming Details!

Horse Bloggers Weekend Confirming Details!

Remember last year when Jen and I invited everyone to a bloggers weekend in Austin?  Well, that’s officially happening!  There’s even a date…

Friday, February 27th – Sunday, March 1st in Austin, Texas

Now, we’re basically two months out so it’s time to really confirm details.  I’d love to get a Facebook group or e-mail list of people who are seriously interested in coming whether you are local and would love to meet up for a day or want to fly in and stay with either Jen or myself.

Before we go any further with the proposed itinerary or reasons you should come hang out with us, please fill out this survey if you are interested in coming.  It’s extremely important that we collect all the details so we can pull off this event!

Okay, on to some potential plannings and happenings!  I also want to note that though Jen and I have primarily worked together on this proposed schedule, there are also other cool Austin bloggers who are certainly included in any fun/hosting they want to (we just didn’t want to commit ya’ll to stuff against your will… muhahaha).

Come to Austin, we have long horns
Come to Austin, we have long horns


  • Arrive in Austin per your schedule.
  • Any early arrivers can enjoy south Austin activities… like day drinking.  Just kidding – day time tourist fun at South Congress (day drinking optional).
  • Lauren can shuttle people from the airport during business hours.
  • Jen can shuttle people from airport in early evening
  • Dinner provided at Lauren’s house (Mauldin Bungalow) for everyone.  Post dinner shenanigans to be determined.
  • Group splits up into accommodations
I will take you to this magical candy shop
I will take you to this magical candy shop


  • Breakfast provided at the Mauldin Bungalow
  • Venture up north to see the amazing Simon pants
  • Tack shopping at Dover Saddlery and/or The Tack Shop of Austin
  • Out to lunch
  • Journey back down south to the world’s cutest Haflinger & versatile (also cute) Draft Horse
  • Possible afternoon activity like wine tasting, depending on time
  • Dinner provided at Wyvern Oaks
  • For night owls, go visit some Austin nightlife downtown



  • Breakfast provided at Wyvern Oaks
  • Traveling to/from airport for folks

Of course, this schedule is pretty tentative since we’re two months out and subject to change/be added to depending on how many people we actually have coming.

You're responsible for buying your own old fashioned sodas
You’re responsible for buying your own old fashioned sodas

What kind of expenses will I have for this weekend?

Since we know that traveling is not super cheap, we’re trying to keep the expenses as low as possible for folks.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cost of getting to and from Austin
  • Money for Lunch on Saturday
  • Money for any drinking/shopping/misc
  • Cost of getting to and from airport if your arrival/departure time is outside of when Lauren or Jen can pick you up (roughly $40 each way)

Am I really invited?

You really are!  We really hope you come and enjoy and have fun meeting other bloggers 🙂  Please don’t forget to take the survey so we can make this idea a reality.

38 thoughts on “Horse Bloggers Weekend Confirming Details!

    1. I wish you could too! We should try to make this a more often thing, and perhaps someone on the east coast could host to make it more accessible for some folks?

  1. I wish you guys had been able to make this one weekend later! Sounds like it’s going to be so much fun!

    1. AUS – Which I warn you, tends to be expensive. Dallas and San Antonio can be cheaper but would involve getting here (might be able to hitch a ride with someone coming down from the Dallas area?). I hope you can make it too!

          1. I could provide a ride down from DFW or DAL…. I am in fort worth and would be happy to pick anyone up at DFW

  2. I’m plotting a very large road trip for 2016 through Texas amongst other states. I’ll hope to see you both then!!!!

    1. Liz, let me know when your 2016 trip is and what neighboring states you’ll be travelling through! I would love to meet you and you could meet Chrome. 😀

  3. Due to my work schedule, I can’t play host, but I am definitely interested in meeting up for some of it! You had me at day drinking, honestly. There is no shortage of wineries and breweries (and even distilleries) in the Central Texas area 🙂

  4. oh man… i LOVE austin and would love to meet y’all and your horses!! (not to mention escape the cold…)… but airfare is a titch high for me right now… is it possible to let you know in the next week or so?

    1. Of course! Just know that the spots in our houses are kind of on a first come first serve basis, but you an finalize the day before as far as I care 🙂 Would love to have you!

  5. This is so awesome and I’m bummed I already have travel plans that weekend!! Next year I’ll see if I can’t kick my trainer out of her house and host in Cali. 😉

  6. 🙁 Won’t be able to come but if it’s success and you do it next year, I’d definitely be ready to ship out! (Or even at the end of this year.

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