When Horses Can’t Even

When Horses Can’t Even

You know at least one person who’s said it.  “I can’t even!”

It seems like there is not a shortage of opportunities for people to use this phrase.  Most of the time when I hear that I think, “I’m pretty sure you ‘can’ some!”  Still, when I was perusing through my Pin Oak photos (aka pulling as many blog posts as possible from them), I noticed a few horses that really… can’t even.

“I can’t even combination.”


“I can’t even jog.”



“No, still can’t even.”



“I can’t even oxer.”


“I can’t even win photo.”


“I can’t even hunter.”


“I can’t even jog too!”


“I can’t even pin.”


For the record, all of these horse and riders had a lot of good moments where they could even!

22 thoughts on “When Horses Can’t Even

  1. I’ll admit this one got me laughing pretty hard. That ‘can’t even jog’ first one…? I have SEEN that at endurance rides. Ahahaha. They sure know how to humble us.

  2. Yes! So funny! You should have added a link to my horse show recaps, too. Guinness just couldn’t even last weekend. Good to know he wasn’t alone. 😉

  3. I remember Ghazal not wanting to jog for vet checks at CTRs. That embarrassed me enough that I’ve made sure all of my horses since know how to jog no matter what else is going on!

  4. This is great! Indy has so many “I can’t even” moments that it’s ridiculous. Like you said, I’m pertty sure she ‘can’ some.

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