What Getting My !@#$ Together Right Now Looks Like

What Getting My !@#$ Together Right Now Looks Like

It’s been two and half months since Tim died. I bet you’re thinking, “So nice that life is settling down for Lauren right now and she has a chance to heal emotionally.”


Now I’m no newbie to the internet, and rule #1 is never write about legal details until the dust has settled and everything is complete. So I won’t be updating you on my rawr status, but rest assured an epic post of “Wow those were some shenanigans” will be coming. At this rate it’ll be 2016, but hey… who’s counting? Well I’m counting, but I’m just counting pennies so I can get all my bills paid. I’ve given up on counting the days until things are settled.

If I take a step back, I can see that things are getting slowly better. Since I can’t write details, I thought I would share some gifs to give you a good visual representation about what handling all these estate matters feels like.










17 thoughts on “What Getting My !@#$ Together Right Now Looks Like

  1. Minus the Verizon one, I feel you SO strong in this post. In theory we’re supposed to be 3 f’ing days from settling my father’s estate. Reality? lolz kill me now. If you need anyone to talk to that is unfortunately all too well aware of your stress level, hit me up.

  2. Your life will never be normal again. Instead you will be making a new normal . this sorrow will always be a part of your life. But it will also give you new strength. New happiness. New love. A different path in life, but a equal life with its own blessings .
    Best wishes, happy trails.
    Carol in Washington

  3. I deal with bureaucracy for a living. It sucks. Since we have open office, I often have conversations with Comcast, etc on my phone with everyone else listening and they’re all sort of scared of me now. I love the Meryl Streep gif.

  4. Not that I’m advocating this in any way but … After a ridiculously long and trying court battle, we lost our family home and lots of money to a poorly written pre-nuptial agreement when my grandfather had remarried then passed away. Anyway, after the last court date and we were denied, my brother, sister and I went to a porn shop (the proper term is probably Adult Bookstore) and shook out all the magazines and gathered up all those little postcard thingies. The store attendant dude even helped us when we caught us and we told him what we were doing. Haha! We then spent the rest of the evening getting drunk, reminiscing about our childhood with our grandfather and filling out all those wonderful postcards with the name and address of the woman who was now living in our house. Childish? Maybe. Hilarious fun and wonderful memories that we still laugh about today? Hell yeah!

  5. Having been through a fair share of familial estate issues in the last few years, I can say I didn’t expect you to be anywhere near done. I’m sorry, the hoops you have to jump are ridiculous and mean while dealing with death.

  6. Welcome to my world…..

    I know in your one post you mentioned how divorce and death don’t compare.

    I politely beg to differ.

    Both suck, but death is pretty much final.

    Divorce doesn’t have that abrupt ending to it offering closure.

    Love, Love, LOVE the gifs.

  7. ugh i am so sorry for all the unnecessary pain and frustration these legal issues are causing… it’s pretty infuriating, actually. but i love your attitude of choosing to laugh above all else. good luck 🙁

  8. A little “Devil” never hurts, LOL! I’m so sorry sorting everything is dragging on. Some day you will look back on all this and wonder how you survived… and speaking of the devil, I love this line from the country song:

    “When you’re going through hell, keep on goin’, don’t look back…” Simple but I think sound advice.

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