I am itchin’ to ride my horse again. Tomorrow will be about a month since Simon’s leg blew up, and three weeks after the vet diagnosed him with a suspensory strain. Tomorrow I will hop back on for a mostly walking ride, and slowly leg him back up.

He’s been rather enthusiastic in his limited turnout, with more playing & leaping than I’ve ever seen him do.

Still, we took this issue very conservatively and his leg has stayed cold and tight for the past two weeks. When I was out at the barn this past Saturday, I palpated it and didn’t get even a hint of reaction from him.

So awkward.
So awkward.

I’m not anticipating any problems when I hop on tomorrow, but we shall see. While I’m itchin’ to ride, Simon is just plain itchy. Hope you enjoy this series of itchy face photos, because they definitely make me smile when I curry him at the barn.







26 thoughts on “Itchin’

  1. Robin has been itchy too. When I was 12 and she was a weanling, I would scratch her butt all the time…she still backs her butt up to me (and strangers…) to be scratched when she is feeling itchy. That has happened a few times lately. haha.

  2. We’ve got itchy ponies all over at the barn too. I think it’s the combo of how dry + hot it’s been – so much sweat and dust happening. I’m using the long weekend to do a Spa Day – including cutting my horse’s tail. EEEP. (She managed to step on it last night in the cross-ties and scared herself. OMG PONY.)

  3. Yep, mine started shedding out the summer coats this last weekend. SO MUCH ITCHY!

    Soft tissue injuries really are nothing to mess with… so glad you got the vet out ASAP and took it slow and careful with Simon. It’s so easy for them to turn something minor into something major – been there, done that, don’t wanna do it again! Glad to hear that Simon’s back to 100%, and hope you have a great ride today!

  4. awww itchy faces! I’m excited that you get to get on him and go for a walk tomorrow! Even just sitting on my horse after a hiatus feels so good!

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