The 5 Day Challenge – Day 4

The 5 Day Challenge – Day 4

And we continue with  Tracy‘s 5 day challenge!

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse

I really wish he worried less.  Most of the time, you would think Simon is the most chill horse on the planet.  We’re talking reins on the buckle do anything kind of horse.  He’s his own worst enemy though.  The more complex the work is or certain situations (ie flat classes) get him totally worked up into a tizzy.  It’s not spooking.  It’s not naughtiness.  It’s straight up anxiety.  I’m going to have to figure out what kind of supplement combination and prep helps him deal with this, because he’s so fantastic in his usual state of mind.

Oh also, I wish we had auto changes 😉

Working himself into a tizzy.
Working himself into a tizzy.

17. Your horse’s future

This is an interesting question that I actually think a lot about, but don’t blog much on.  For the sake of my answer we’ll assume he’s going to be sound for a long time!  Next year, I want to get as good at the hunters as we can in the 2’6″ – who knows divisions.  We both need a lot of miles doing so.  After that, the future depends on how good he is as a hunter.  If we get him to the best he can be and we aren’t pinning well, I may try jumpers with him.  After that, who knows?  I think he is talented enough and good minded enough to be my show horse for several years.  If there comes a day that we don’t make a good match in the show ring for whatever reason, I will try to lease him out for someone to enjoy.  I do not plan to sell him.  My perfect future is us trying different things and me riding him when he’s in his 20’s and starting to get gray in the face 🙂

Hopefully a long future of making stupid faces with each other.
Hopefully a long future of making stupid faces with each other.

18. Your worst show ever

I decided to take Elvis to a schooling show as a first hurrah back from his eye injury.  We hadn’t been working much for whatever reason, so we just decided to do under saddle classes instead of jump.  I’m not sure why, but he had a bee in his bonnet and we fought the entire time.  He ended up throwing bucks in the under saddle class… which had never happened before.  This was also the first time Tim ever saw me show, and let me tell you how impressed he was (not).

19. Favorite horse show venue

Raleigh Hunt Horse Complex, hands down.  Love that place.  Want to airlift it to Austin.

This ring.  Come back to my life Hunt Horse Complex!
This ring. Come back to my life Hunt Horse Complex!

20. Your show day routine

It depends on if we’re at a weekend or one day show, but usually I start off with giving Simon a walk around the show grounds and lunging if he needs it (which he usually does).  After lunging, we will usually school at a one day show.  My trainer mostly has me get over all the jumps starting with a trot jump, then trot in canter out, and then cantering a few lines.  We aim to expose him to things with schooling, not re-invent the wheel.  After schooling, I do a full grooming even if my class is a while later.  I don’t like to be rushed before I show, so things like currying/show sheen/brushing out the tail can be done way in advance to calm me down.  When it’s time to show, I tack up, pop over a few warm-up fences and head into the ring!

10 thoughts on “The 5 Day Challenge – Day 4

  1. I know exactly what you mean about Simon being his own worst enemy. Ava is the exact same way, she will be a very chill horse but sometimes her wild self will kick in and not help out at all.

  2. Fiction is exactly the same way! He gets worked up over everything so his mind has to be constantly occupied at a show or he becomes a nutcase.

  3. I am so thankful Henry is calm as a cucumber and doesn’t get worked up, I think that would freak me out at show! You ladies are hard core to deal with that!

    Poor Elvis!! A bee in hi bonnet!! Eeek!

  4. Love the funny faces photo!
    I had a horse that had major anxiety all the time. It was not fun to deal with and it wasn’t just at shows but anytime we did something new or different. Hopefully Simon will continue to gain confidence as you guys keep working together on and off property.

    1. He is similar, since the anxiety isn’t just at shows… it can be at home or away. Shows up whenever he thinks he’s in “trouble.” The good news is that I wouldn’t classify it as major or dangerous, but a hard thing to overcome in training.

  5. Totally agree about grooming way in advance at a show! I like to be able to just tack up and get one when it’s time, not spend 20+ minutes grooming!!

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