Selfie Sunday – Goodbye to the Eye

Selfie Sunday – Goodbye to the Eye

Selfie Sunday could almost be totally re-named to BT Sunday… but it’s time for another BT update.  I was hoping to have really good news regarding her eye, but I really don’t.  It started going downhill Friday afternoon.  Tim took her to the vet Saturday morning, and we’ve scheduled a removal this coming Tuesday.

I’ve kept pictures out of these posts for various reasons, but I know there are several people who may be reading this that are curious about the injury or in the animal healthcare field somehow… so I’ll link to them.  I’ll warn you – if you’re squeamish about eyes or weird injuries don’t click.  You’ve been warned 🙂

When she first came home from the emergency vet on Thursday, Jan 23rd the eye looked like this and it was unclear whether the muscles that hold in the eye were damaged. Twenty four hours later we had drastic improvement and by a few days it was still not normal looking but officially on the road to recovery (see here).

By the middle of last week, the eye placement looked so good and the swelling was pretty much gone. We were just waiting for the redness to go away, but thought we were in the clear.

Then Friday morning Tim noticed the eye was creating a lot of tears/goop. By Friday afternoon that goop was yellow and it was pretty clear there was additional infection going on, so we made a vet appointment. This is what the eye looked like Friday afternoon.

Her left eye pre-injury with old scar tissue
Her left eye pre-injury with old scar tissue

At the vet the next day, we were told that the problem is the scratch on her cornea healing. See, BT has always had a “bum eye” with a lot of scar tissue on her left eye. This is from some untreated puncture wound that happened before we adopted her. Since there was so much scar tissue on the eye already, when the eye tried to make new scar tissue the blood vessels couldn’t properly get there to heal it. This resorted in the eye continually trying to make layers of scar tissue on top of each other, which left pockets available to collect dirt and germs that lead to easy infection.

The only way to fix this would be to do surgery that essentially cut a grid on her eye, sewed the 3rd eyelid shut, wait a week and see how well it did or didn’t heal. Or removal. Since the multiple surgeries to fix the eye would essentially be for cosmetic purposes only… we obviously went for removal.

I’m a little sad, but it’s the best decision for my dog. Eliot is behaving much better, but I’ve pretty much had to detach myself from how the injury happened. I’m thinking more along the lines of “my dog’s eye is injured and I need to fix it” instead of “Eliot bit BT’s eye and now it’s getting removed.” It is what it is.

Next week I’ll have a much happier update for you on this subject, because by then she will be our beloved cyclops dog and I’ll get to share the super cool computer project Tim has been developing to help her.

17 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday – Goodbye to the Eye

  1. Dogs will do what they do! My wonderful sweet Dobie and my irritable Corgi got into it about a month ago (Corgi definitely provoked the Dobie) and the Dobie lost her cool and grabbed the Corgi’s head and shook her like a ragdoll. REPEATEDLY. Every time the Dobie let go, the Corgi ran back in for another round (typical). Lots of cuts and scrapes for the Corgi but she came out otherwise ok. I figure it wouldn’t be a real family unless my (fur) kids got into it sometimes. (My sister once kicked me in the face and broke my glasses in two for example..)
    Feel better BT!!

  2. I’m sure that was a hard decision but undoubtedly the best one. And not gonna lie, I have a total soft spot for cyclops anything… I once knew a donkey who was missing the top half of one ear… freakin’ adorable.

  3. BT will feel so much better, and I bet she won’t notice much. Plus, she’s going to look AWESOME with an eye patch. Just sayin

  4. You’re doing the right thing!! Little BT will heal up just fine, and getting rid of the ‘bum eye’ will be so much better for her in the long run. Hugs for the little cutie! Also… does BT stand for “Boston Terrier”? 😉

  5. So sorry that happened to your dog and I’m sure it’s been pretty tough. You have such a great outlook on things. Wish the best for her recovery.

  6. Awww poor baby. You’re doing the best for her. I had to have my 9 year old pooches toe removed this last summer because of a tumor and they ended up taking more toe then expected. It made me real sad and worried for him but its amazing how adaptable they are and how quickly they bounce back. Give her lots of smooches

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