OTTB Spotlight – George

OTTB Spotlight – George

Today Kari from Good Time to Review writes about her OTTB, George!

He is currently living with me in North Dakota. I adopted him last May from a ranch in Western North Dakota that owned by the track vet at the racetrack in Minnesota. He has 4,000 acres of pasture for his 65 plus “foster” OTTBs that he has staying at his ranch. They go from lavish pampered lifestlyes to getting the whole “being a real wild horse out on the prairies” experience. They spend anywhere from 3 months to several years, and if they don’t find homes they are welcome to stay forever.


What is his registered name? Independent George. As in “Independent George” from Seinfeld. True story, they switched his name from “Independent Ridge” because he reminded them of George Costanza.

Lineage? He is a son of Cozzene, a multiple graded stakes winner who won the Breeders Cup Mile in 1985. That same year he was the Eclipse Award Champion Horse. I’ve also heard that he produced some really nice Olympic level sport horses. His Dam was a multiple stake winner named Daylight Ridge and was by Dayjur

Baby George. I've had people tell me he was a nightmare to handle up until he was gelded.
Baby George. I’ve had people tell me he was a nightmare to handle up until he was gelded.

Did your OTTB race? He did, and he was quite successful. He trained with Graham H. Motion at Herringswell stables for the first part of his career. George won just a little over $395,00 and is a multiple stakes winner like his mamma and daddy. He ran in multiple graded stakes races and just barely fell short of placing in the Shadwell Turf Mile in 2007. He was sold a few times, and then ended up training with Bernell Rhone who decided that it was time for George to retire in 2012. He won his last race. He also retired sound, and was never lame a day in his career.


Here is George training with Icabad Crane... The one that went on to train with Phillip Dutton. This face George is making is the same one he gave to the scentless bastard in the mirror.  Photo by Maggie Kimmitt
Here is George training with Icabad Crane… The one that went on to train with Phillip Dutton. This face George is making is the same one he gave to the scentless bastard in the mirror. Photo by Maggie Kimmitt

What do you do with him now? Since winter is here, I let him keep his face in a round bale. He’s living the life of leisure and is mostly just a pretty lawn ornament. However I do plan on turning him into my trail horse and we will dabble in dressage or jumping if we find the time.


If your OTTB was a musician, who would he be? He’d be that singer who is married to that Kardasian lady. You know the one. He’s got a huge ego, and has attacked paparazzi? Yeah, that one.

Your OTTB is on a desert horsey island. He can bring three items – what are they? Peppermints, someone or something to unwrap his peppermints, more peppermints

Your OTTB is deathly afraid of … Affection. He’s a business all the time fellow, with little to no time for affection. Unless he is trying to trick you into something. OH


Your OTTB is really brave about … Standing up to the scentless bastard in the mirror. He was at the trainer this spring and every time she rode him past the mirror he would pin his ears and bare his teeth. Every. Single. Time.

If your OTTB could change one thing about his environment or training, what would it be? I think he’d like to go back to his celebrity lifestyle that he had at the track. Fancy barns, fancy stable sheets, grooms, grain, thousands of people cheering for him. But to be honest, right now he has a pretty nice life. He is free to roam his pasture 24/7, he has access to hay 24/7, he’s got buddies, his work load is pretty slack. I really think he is happy with his lifestyle even if it isn’t glamorous, or fancy.

How would your OTTB introduce himself to a new herd of horses? By walking in, explaining to the other horses how things are going to work now that he is the boss, telling them all about what a big deal he is and that he’s technically still a celebrity and that as yearling he sold for more than any of the other horses sire’s will make in a lifetime, promptly getting his butt kicked for being arrogant, then realizing that he is not the boss, adjusting to life in the middle of the pecking order.


And finally, my OTTB makes me proud everyday because … He is a true war horse. And because he’s the most gorgous horse I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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14 thoughts on “OTTB Spotlight – George

    1. Actually you probably have. Gem Twist was a gray Thoroughbred lol. You just don’t see them on the track because they are retired long before they ever get to the white stage. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, he knows he is impressive. He also lets you know that he thinks he is better than you are. I’ve never felt judged by a horse before… until I brought him home.

    1. That monster can move, even still to this day. Of course… the only time I’ve ever seen him at a full gallop was when he was being attacked by his ripped up fly sheet and after he dumped me onto the side of the road when he NEEDED to get home…

    1. You do?! That is so awesome! When I adopted him I got in contact with some people from his Herringswell days. They’ve shared lots and lots of stories with me. He’s always been a quirky, and they’ve helped me unlock a bit of his brain. If you have any stories about him you can email me at

    1. You can look them up on Facebook. The name is Bowman Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption. It’s a really great place for the horses to go when they are done racing. Also the horses aren’t really fussed with a whole bunch once they get there. They get their feet done when needed and they receive their shots. The vet that owns the place is a retired traveling equine dentist as well, so all the horses teeth are done once a year. He’s really an awesome guy.

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