OTTB Spotlight – Carlos

OTTB Spotlight – Carlos

OTTBs can make excellent hunter/jumpers, but we usually hear about them being stars in eventing – especially in the blogging world.  That’s part of what makes L. Williams’ Carlos at Viva Carlos so special.  He’s an opinionated OTTB that has success in the hunter, jumper, and equitation ring and egads of personality to boot!


What is his/her registered name? Ugh.. do I have to. It’s so ugly… Senor Prospector D:

Lineage? His family tree is full of assholes.. Mr. Prospector (dur right..) Linebred Nasrullah, Nijinsky, Man O’ War through War Admiral. Reigh Count through Count Fleet. Northern Dancer.  Mare family 10.

Did your OTTB race?  If so, how’d they do? Carlos raced and he was awful. 7-1-0-2  His times were average to slow, he won a whopping 1k dollars (really it was all in pesos.)

What do you do now with them?  We complete in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation, after a recently disappointing show I am thinking of only doing Jumpers with him.

If your OTTB was a musician, who would they be? I don’t know about musician but I know if he were a model or a sportsmen he’d be Nacho Figueras.

Your OTTB is on a desert horsey island.  He/she can bring three items – what are they? Playhorse magazine, the world’s biggest bag of Apple wafers and his Back on Track Blanket.


Your OTTB is deathly afraid of… Liverpools and the Veterinarian and now the Trailer.

Your OTTB is really brave about… Any other kind of jump and eating anything.

If your OTTB could change one thing about his environment or training, what would it be?  I don’t think it’s PG, I’m pretty sure he’d want to be at stud.


How would your OTTB introduce themselves to a new herd of horses?
By being mortally offended by them and challenging them to mortal kombat, but losing the invitation in the mail, so really just running up and killing as many of them as possible because he’s a major hater. 

And finally, your OTTB makes you proud every day because…
He’s so gosh darned cute! Cutest horse in the barn, not to mention the fact that I know he is all heart.

You can read all about L. Williams and Carlos’ adventures at their blog, Viva Carlos. I highly recommend it for any hunter/jumper enthusiast or someone looking for inspiration overcoming obstacles and becoming serious about riding and training!

Want to submit your OTTB to be featured on this blog? e-mail me answers to this set of interview questions and some pictures to be featured, and maybe next time you check She Moved to Texas your horse will be featured as the OTTB Spotlight of the week!

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16 thoughts on “OTTB Spotlight – Carlos

  1. Oh do I know something about slow race horses!! A previous horse my mother owned named Cash, reg name Go Cash Go, was nicknamed Slow Cash Slow. Cash is related to Red and also the famous QH Dash for Cash. Cash was the SLOWEST horse ever!!! Red will canter and gallop with you after some persuasion and on the right days he’ll want to GO and run with me, but Cash would refuse and start rearing if you made him run… Lol! I love her blog! I’ve always loved OTTB’s but I’ve never had the chance to be around them. I’m mostly with Quarters, Appaloosas, Paints and TWH. The occasional Arabian crosses my path. 🙂

  2. Awww thanks for spotlighting my Booger! If he could read he’d say this just proves he’s a very popular horse! Love the OTTB spotlights, such a great idea !

  3. Carlos is an excellent ambassador. He’s super cute! Hopefully Echo can take some notes on all the possible career paths for a baby racehorse…

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