Just Another Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday

I don’t think it takes a genius to know that I’ve had a pretty severe case of the blahs lately. Stress at work, broken pony, getting rodents out of my house and trying to get more financially stable have all left me feeling drained and longing to be back in college in my undergrad years where bills weren’t a problem and I had at least 4 hours a day to spend at the barn.

But that’s whiny fail speak, and this weekend I kicked ass at being productive and taking care of business.  On Saturday I taught the “fun clinic” workshop thing, but since only 3 students showed up (all the older riders were at a horse show and who knows about the rest) we treated it as a long semi private.  It was a challenging lesson to teach because I had one person solid at the 2’3″ and needing to build confidence over 2’6″ – 2’9″, one kid solid at 18″ cross rails and needing to build confidence at 2’0″ and one naughty arabian that needs to learn to be honest over 18″ cross rails.  All in all though, I think everyone improved and I enjoyed my time out in the ring.


My favorite part about teaching Saturday was bringing my dog out to the barn – something I don’t typically do. Dogs are required to be on leash, which is impossible when you’re working with a horse. Since I knew it was going to be a really quiet day with no small children and tons of horses out and about, I brought Eliot, my springer spaniel along. He grew up around horses and I was so pleased that he remembered all his ring training.  While I was in the ring helping the girls jump, I clipped off his leash and he stayed by the judge’s stand the whole time schmoozing the parents.  Good boy smelly!  The whole morning made me more and more wish that one day I could get my own little no frills horse barn, and teach beginner lessons with my spaniel and a bunch of rescued school horses.


On the Simon front, there’s not much new to report.  We continue stall rest.  I continue going out to love on him and hand graze him.  Saturday he was feeling a little blue from having his teeth floated the day before, so we strolled around the barn and took in the sights to give him a change of scenery.


And finally, on a completely non horse related note I spent all day yesterday working in my yard on the house.  See, I was getting pretty big into gardening and curb appeal last spring… but guess who’s priorities changed once she got a horse?  This girl’s!  This summer I need to find balance, because just because I have a horse to take care of doesn’t mean I should commit genocide to my entire yard…  Oh well, it’s looking better now and I’m scheming a DIY irrigation system to make sure the Texas summer doesn’t kill everything.


My mantras these week are: be positive! No whining! Be productive! When I veg out I just get into this bad cycle that makes me feel awful about myself… no bueno.  What did you get up to this weekend?  I hope you are feeling as charged this Monday morning as I am!

12 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Lauren, I just caught up on a lot of your recent posts; I had no idea you’d started blogging consistently again! I always enjoyed reading your blog. ( :
    I can’t say that I’m charged up this Monday morning, but I am sick so I say I get a pass. Reading this post reminds me how much I love teaching!! I don’t currently have any students – sadness. I wish I had enough students to teach every day, and enough horses to do it with! Maybe one day… ( :

  2. When I first got Shy, everything else when to the way side. I have found a way to strike a much better balance in my life between home and horse. I totally understand the blahs. I am feeling them too. Your house is cute! I might have to hit you up for some gardening tips since me and my husband plan to pull up the overgrown perennials this year and start over.
    Your lessons sound like fun. I bet the 3 were happy to get a semi private lesson! And your dog is too cute 🙂

  3. I’ve had the blahs too… nqr pony and craptastic winter weather. But can’t never did anything, right?!

    Tip from a professional landscaper (who used to live in Texas) – along with your irrigation system, utilize mulch – at least 3 inches deep – around your plants. Keeps the moisture in. 😀

  4. Yeah, major winter blahs here too. We are seriously contemplating making a move to CA. Not kidding. Summer all the time just sounds fun! Your house is super cute. We got rid of all the bushes in front of our house and put down river rock. I am NOT a green thumb and stopped pretending to be. Sounds like you had a fun weekend 🙂

    1. When we lived in MA, a big push to move to Texas was the weather. I’m not sure where you’re located now, but those north eastern winters are NO JOKE!

  5. It’s hard not to get the Blahs with a broken pony, and hey committing genocide on your yard isn’t that bad if you are actually ignoring it, I have the problem of actively trying to help my plants and killing them in the process.

    1. I’ve found the more I research a plant, the more I am likely to kill it. Native plants especially. If I just go pick out something that looks pretty and plop it in the ground it has a higher chance of survival.

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