How I introduced my husband to his favorite band

How I introduced my husband to his favorite band

Contrary to what I’ve been writing about lately, it’s not all about horses over here.  Tonight Tim and I went downtown to our favorite dive bar for dinner, and then to a show to see his favorite band – Lucero.

This is Lucero, I promise!

Now Lucero is something I’m proud of, because I was the one who introduced Tim to this Memphis, TN alt country band.  I have many great talents and qualities, but being an “in” person in the music scene is not one of them.  I have some semi-obscure artists that I like, but mostly I’m content to listen to some catchy mainstream pop music, glee & musicals, the occasional old school country, and a singer/songwriter or two.  In fact, Tim pretty much plugs his ears whenever I play any of “My Music” – so him liking Lucero is a personal accomplishment for me.

That being said, I can’t take full credit for his discovery.  When I was in college pretending to be a really creative poetry major, my poet friend (who is also a former grunge rocker… that’s a different story but does explain his knowledge of all things music) were having a competition to discover the saddest song in the world.  I wish I had kept my submissions for this contest, but right now I can only remember that I put an Ozzy Osbourne song in there that he thought was absolutely ridiculous… but alas I digress.

Lucero came into the picture as one of Mark’s recommendations for the saddest song, “It gets worse at night”. This tale of love gone wrong in simple lyric form pretty much personifies all of Lucero for me.  Their songs, at least to me, are extremely nostalgic and bring me back to different memories and places than I often don’t think of anymore.  I enjoy them for that, and Ben Nichols has an extremely unique voice that screams “I’ve had too much fun drinking and too much hurt living.”

Anyway, Mark gave me the CD which of course had the saddest song contestant on it, and somehow Tim stumbled onto it as well and took a liking to their music.  So much so that he’s seen them live 5 times.  Me, only 2 but I like their shows and I like the honesty in the songs.  Below is a live recording of “It gets worse at night”, and even though it wasn’t the eventual “Saddest Song in the World’ winner… it planted Lucero as a fixture in our lives together.

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