Boots with da fur!

Boots with da fur!

A few years ago, the Facebook “Bumper Sticker” app was really popular along the same time as that “Apple Bottom Jeans” song.  This lead to some equestrian somewhere on the internet making a graphic that made me laugh – a picture of Fleece Lined Open Front Jumper boots that said “Boots with da fur!”  Flash forward to last night, when I’m shopping for my own pair of decent jumping boots on ebay to celebrate the fact that my horse not only did not buck me off on Monday night but also that I successfully stopped him from bucking at all the other two nights I rode this week.  Obviously said horse deserves a cheap pair of nice used jumper boots, yes?  Yes.

I don’t want furry boots, but I saw a lot of them on ebay… which got that song stuck in my head.

Yeah, that song.

Because I am an uber dork, not only did I dance to the boots song… but I made an equestrian version.

She got them Kingsland Riding Jeans

Boots with da fur!

The whole show as looking at her –

Next thing you know,

She hit tha flo!

Jump Off’s a No Go, No Go, Oh Whoa, No Go


Kingsland Riding Jeans! (Jessica Denim Breech)

Now I hope you have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon, because I know I will.

3 thoughts on “Boots with da fur!

    1. Oh, I like that! There are so many products in the horse world that we think are totally normal but really do look quite strange when you step back and look at them. I’m sure you know that more than anybody after dissecting countless pieces of tack to re-create them 🙂

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