Happy Birthday Simon!

Happy Birthday Simon!

Simon’s 7th birthday is today!  I’m going to skip catch riding today, and instead just spend some quality time with him grooming and grazing at the barn.  There may even be a birthday hat and cupcakes involved… we’ll see!

To celebrate my big beautiful boy, I am sharing my 7 favorite pictures of him.  Looking forward to getting more show shots later this year, and hoping to put all this lameness and rehab behind us soon.








18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Simon!

  1. Aw, take photos! I try to do a little “birthday shoot” every year and it’s neat to look back. (Even though they don’t change too much from year-to-year.)

    Happy birthday, Simon!

  2. Happy Birthday Simon! Great pics, and I love the Hawaiian outfit.

    Do you get a carrot cake for your birthday, or do you settle for plain carrots?

  3. Happy Birthday Simon!
    Finally checking out your blog, so sorry for the delay in getting around to it – you’ve been a loyal reader of my adventures – looking forward to hearing all about yourself & Simon.
    Hope he had a great birthday and that the cupcakes, cake etc were enjoyed by all!

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