Google Translate George Morris

Google Translate George Morris

I like silly things.  From being stuck at a desk 8-9 hours a day, I get a little punchy… especially in the afternoons.  During one of these silly afternoons, I discovered Google Translate Sings!  It’s pretty amazing.  The concept is basically this:

  • Take popular song lyrics
  • Put them into Google Translate between roughly 6 different languages
  • Translate them back to English
  • See what you get!

I was trying to figure out how to put an equestrian spin on this, so I figured to Google Translate George Morris quotes.


Every second, or you, or un-school their horse. No middle ground.


Practice rides better? Leave a fork!


Resistant to copy the driver. You will do well!


Dressage is a determination of negligence. If there is anything that comes out, there will be something jump.

Original: If riding were only blue ribbons and bright lights, I would have quit a long time ago.

Google Translate: Blue Ribbon and driving lights and I stopped a long time ago.

Original: I’m going to teach you about men. Distances are like men. Never grab the first one you see; it’s never the best one, more will come along.

Google Translate: I will teach you men. Distance as a person. Do not take the first one you see. It is something that is always the best, but the people are.

There you have it folks.  Words of wisdom from the equitation god himself.  I know I’ll personally be using the “Dressage is a determination of negligence” part… mostly because I stink at dressage!

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