20 Questions from the Daily Horse

20 Questions from the Daily Horse

I haven’t done a questionnaire thing in a while, so thought I would give this one a try for a rainy day.  Taken from Equestrian at Hart who got it from The Daily Horse.

1) What discipline do you ride?  Hunter/jumpers, primarily hunters right now but I’m hoping to be able to play in all 3 rings (hunter, jumper and equitation) this year.

2) If you had to switch your discipline which one would you choose?  If I kept Simon and had to switch, it’d probably be eventing.  Don’t go into a frenzy eventing readers… I don’t think this is likely to happen 🙂  If I had an entirely new horse of my choosing, I’d do AQHA breed shows in a variety of classes.


3) Who is your equestrian idol?  I love Louise Serio for the hunters, as well as Kelly Farmer.  I also think it’s impossible not to idolize Beezie Madden because she’s just pretty damn amazing.

4) Who is your least favorite equestrian? I don’t like anyone that gets by solely because they have an amazing horse… or if they are an amazing rider, they show poor attitude and sportsmanship.  I can think of some riders who I’ve seen that fit this bill, but won’t be listing them here.


5) Describe your dream horse (breed, color, markings…)  I have two – one is a big hunky Warmblood gelding that’s a bay with tons of chrome.  On the flip side, I’d love a lanky palomino Quarter horse with a blaze that could do showmanship, hunter under saddle, equitation, and hunter over fences classes.

6) Post a picture of the horse you ride


7) What would you do if you were forced to stop riding? I’d probably buy all the things because I wouldn’t know what to do with my new found money!

8) What was your best score at a show? I don’t really get scores in the classes I do  yet, but my most recent “best class” was a 2’3″ equitation class back in September of 2013.  That’s when I won my first blue ribbon in forever and Simon’s first blue ribbon ever 🙂

9) What is your favorite horse blog? I try to update my “top picks” on the right sidebar of my blog, which are usually my favorites.

10) Group lesson or private? I like both.  Group lessons are fun for socializing and seeing other people ride, and privates are of course great for individual attention.

11) How high do you jump? Mostly 2’0″ – 2’6″ with the occasional 2’9″ fence.


12) What level dressage do you do? I don’t dressage 😀  Just a little to work on my flatwork.

13) What level eventing do you do?  I don’t event.  I am lame face.

14) Cross country colors? What are they?  See previous question, but my barn colors are Charcoal and Burgundy and previously Navy, Burgundy and Silver.

15) What colors look good on your horse? He looks really good in charcoal, and navy.  Anything with red as the primary color clashes with him, so it’s only good as an accent.


16) Opinions on Rolkur?  Stoopid.

17) Last time you rode? Was it great?  It was fantastic and filled with nerdhorse OTTB behavior 😉

18) If you could spend a day with any equestrian who would it be? Hmm, I think right now my choice would be Kelly Farmer because she shows a ton and has really nice horses going around.  I’d just like to hang and watch and photograph it all.

19) Helmet or no helmet? Opinions?  While there are many photos documented me riding without a helmet, for the past several years I haven’t sat in the saddle without one on.  I don’t foresee that changing.

20) Who was/ is your first horse? Lydia, an aged OTTB mare that was a burnout from a dressage barn.  She a lovely horse in a lot of ways, but a bad match for me at the time.

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