Dress Up Pony Ideas

Dress Up Pony Ideas

I’ve reclaimed Halloween as a holiday in my single life. Tim never liked it, so it’s one of the holidays that has absolutely no intense feelings associated with him. One year we did hold a “Zombies vs Ninjas vs Pirates” party that was assuredly fantastic, but that was the last time him and I celebrated Halloween together… and that was 8 years ago?

Anyway, one day during lessons I told my trainer we should have a horse halloween party at the barn. She kind of shrugged in that defeated way she has when I start excitedly spewing ideas, and since this idea doesn’t involve me buying any horses I quickly jumped, “OKAY GREAT I WILL ORGANIZE IT!”

So that’s happening.

Since yesterday I pulled a bait in switch on all my loyal horse readers by dabbling into politics (sorry not sorry, had to get that off my chest), today I will placate the situation by posting cool images of horse halloween costumes. One because my barn friends are trying to figure out what to dress their horses up in to win the Halloween contest, and two because horses in costume are almost always non-polarizing.

Not pictured: the turtle shell on the other side 🐢🚗 #OTTB #Mario #Halloween

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*Reel Survivor reliving his glory days during Circle D’s annual Halloween ride* Blaze, currently 33 is reliving his days on the track, back when he was a young spry 2 year old. Never would I have ever thought I would be so blessed to have him in my life. This horse has had an incredible career spanning from Racing to Hunter Jumper, English, Western Pleasure, and dabbling in basic Dressage. My boy sure can do it all, but has earned his right to light trail rides and tons of TLC. He sure has a lot of get up and go left in him though. After all, he has the heart of a champion and a spirit of a king. Photographer: Mark Bohn #horseracing #sportofkings #horsestories #triplecrowngroup #thoroughbredsofinstagram #horsehalloween #whatahorse #myhorse

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Happy Halloween! 👻🎃 #horsehalloween #dragon #halloween2014

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Fabulous costume!! #horses #halloween #horsecostume #halloweenhorse #prisonhorse #equestrian

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For great #horsecostume ideas, check this out. For all your #horseessentials, give us a ring www.organizedbarn.com

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For great #horsecostume ideas, check this out. For all your #horseessentials, give us a ring www.organizedbarn.com

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So, are you dressing your horse up for Halloween this year?

15 thoughts on “Dress Up Pony Ideas

  1. My barn is holding our last hunter pace right before Halloween and I am desperately trying to get everyone to dress up for it. Obvi I am going to be dressed up, as well as my horse. The hardest part will be narrowing down which sparkly things I need this time around.

  2. These are fantastic!!! I went to a local horse rescue benefit schooling show this summer, I dressed my guy up as a beauty pageant contestant for the costume class, complete with fake boobs & arms to hold his bouquet of roses. it was AWESOME. (in my opinion, anyway!!) I’m just going to revive that for Halloween this year. 🙂

  3. There’s a barn that always has a show on the halloween weekend. There’s a costume class and even a costume freestyle. I have it on my list for next year. I just can’t figure out what it should be.

  4. These are amazing! I don’t normally dress up my horses, but one year I dressed Jamp up as Rio and Rio as Harry Potter. No one was around to appreciate it, but I cracked myself right up. I’ll have to find the pictures. Jamp really does make a convincing Rio.

  5. I love that you reclaimed a holiday. That’s the most important part of this post.

    I’m a scaredy cat by nature so Halloween is not one of my favorites. I don’t like most holidays, maybe I’ll have to try to find one that I like too and I can reclaim it.

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