Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Stifle

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Stifle

In the world of the “weirdness” we left off with a plan to re-do Simon’s shoes, treat his hind thrush, and re-evaluate.  I’ve been attacking that thrush like a mo-fo, arranged to have his shoes re-done on Monday and all the while he felt quite good except for the occasional tripping/falling out during our rides.

On Monday his shoes were adjusted, and while they looked beautiful… he still tripped/fell out in the hind during our ride.  In-between these blips he felt pretty good, but the blips were there and my intuition red flag was a flying.


During a discussion with my husband where I may or may not have been panicking about my horse having bum stifles and needing surgery, my husband said “Don’t look a gift horse in the stifle!” That made me laugh… hence the title of this post.  Anyway, when I heard the vet was coming out on Wednesday for another horse I decided to have him look at Simon again.

I gave him background on the things we’ve done (shoeing changes) and how the weirdness feels.  I also asked specifically about the stifles, but mentioned they had been so good for so long over the summer/fall.

My vet did another lameness exam and said that now his front feet feel good.  Since they aren’t hurting now, Simon is showing soreness in his hocks.  Not super surprising given his history.


I asked if soreness in the hocks could put the stifles out more, and he said yes.  That also makes sense.

So we injected both hocks, and I will give him a few days off.  In ten days post injections I should see a difference.  I’m hoping since his hocks will feel better, his stifles won’t be as compromised… plus in ten days I really really really hope I have my new saddle.  You know how the song goes… the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone… well, same thing in horses.  All I can do is address and maintain things to the best of my ability when I see stuff come up, and that’s what I’ve done.

Fingers crossed this will make a big difference and we can enjoy another long bout of “weirdness free” work!

16 thoughts on “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Stifle

  1. Oh horses, how you love to stress your owners like nobody’s business! I hope Simon starts feeling better soon and that you get your saddle!! The worst thing ever-next to worrying about your pony!-is waiting for tack, lol. I’m currently waiting for a pair of ridiculously beautiful spurs and spur straps and it’s killlinngggggg meeeee.

    1. Yeah, I ordered mine REALLY early, like Jan 15th. She got hers straight from a Prestige rep and mine came from a tack shop who needed to put in an order to La Sellier to get them. I’m a little frustrated :/

  2. The tripping/falling out behind could mean his pelvis is out. If you look at him from the back, are his hip bones level? Have you had a chiropractor look at him? My horse does the same thing (and has the “locking” stifles) and regularly have him adjusted (mainly focusing on his pelvis) and it really helps. My chiro/acupuncturist also recommended trying my horse on a supplement called Tendon Ligament – I haven’t tried it yet, but doesn’t hurt to pass the info along.

  3. Good for you for following up on your intuition! You know your horse best. Given that you know Simon’s hocks are in the process of fusing, and how much the injections helped him last year, I bet that will make him more comfy soon. Now, let your new saddle FLY to you!!!

  4. Hopefully this all he needs and he’ll be feeling like his usual self soon! A brand new beautiful saddle would definitely help brighten everything up! COME ON MAIL MAN!

  5. Repetitive ‘falling out in the hind” sounds like he should be evaluated for Wobblers Syndrome, EPM, WNV etc. Good luck with him. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

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