WEF – In Search of Color!

WEF – In Search of Color!

I am a total sucker for a colored sporthorse.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love my plain bay Thoroughbred, but if it’s flashy… I adore it.

Bonus points for spots.

Triple bonus points for palomino.  One day… one day I will have a palomino hunter, and it will be beautiful.


Anyway, WEF is a sea of bays.  Even a chestnut or a gray stands out among the grays, but I did find some color few and far in-between.  I’m sure there’s a lot more color in the pony and the low jumper ring, but truthfully I didn’t have enough days to spend more time there.



What I did find, I snapped a photo of to share with y’all.












Do you have a dream color sporthorse you’d like to own one day?

32 thoughts on “WEF – In Search of Color!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I too am a sucker for color 🙂 My mare was bred to be a Hunter – but due to a knee injury as a yearling, she is my Dressage Diva.

  2. Sport horses aren’t really my thing, even though I love watching them and riding them occasionally, I prefer stock horses. However, if I could pick any color, I LOVE buckskins. 🙂

  3. I love color! I frequently think about breeding Gina to a friend’s Paint stud because think she’d throw the cutest colored foals. (Her grandsire, Time to Explode, had a sizable white spot on his side; Gina’s coat is interspersed with white hairs.) Then I bring it up to Johnny, who always rolls his eyes and says “Aren’t TWO horses ENOUGH?!”

  4. I love color (obviously… Misty has to be one of the flashiest horses I’ve seen yet – roan and paint!). My dream is to have a buckskin with white markings someday.

  5. I love the reverse brindle Childrens Hunter “Queen of Hearts”. One side is bay and the other side is colorful 🙂

  6. I’m probably one of the few who dislikes color 🙁 No chrome/flashy critters for me! I love my bays and blacks, and that’s it!

    That being said, the last horse is gorgeous.

  7. I’m really not into color. I prefer horses with dark legs and tails because they’re easy to keep clean, but I’m more interested in fun and safe as qualifications.

    As such, am I the only one who’s wondering what the theory is behind the mechanical hackamore? Usually they attach to the cheeks in lieu of the cavesson, but this rider has both? It doesn’t look like it interferes, so I’m sure it works just fine, but it’s a curious look. I’d love to know why they chose to use it that way.

    Um yes. Tack ‘ho here.

  8. “Do you have a dream color sporthorse you’d like to own one day?”
    I think I’m already riding her! 😉

  9. A friend of mine does h/j with a big flashy pinto warmblood. He’s gorgeous. For me, though, bright copper chestnuts are where it’s at. They don’t show dirt, are super flashy, and in the case of my accident-prone disaster horse, don’t show blood stains. 😉

  10. Love this post!! Mainly because my hunter is a palomino 😀 he’s definitely one in a million!! It’s awesome because we always stick out (not always a good thing :P) since they’re aren’t many palomino hunters, or jumpers!! We’re the ones that are going to be at the May 10-11 expo show 🙂

  11. When I evented Cash, he was literally the only Paint doing eventing in the Washington, DC area. We got laughed at more than once for his funny coloring (I overheard people at shows). I will say that a white horse is a PITA to keep clean – I cannot even tell you how many hours we spent in the wash rack over the years – but you definitely stand out. Now, Paddy definitely stands out because he’s so flippin’ cute (and besides, he’s got dapples and great hair), and fortunately he takes a little less work on the cleaning side. I will say there’s nothing quite like a bright shiny chestnut to hide dirt!

  12. I love the paints that have white streaks dripping down from the rump along the back legs. Reminds me of one the first horses I rode as a kid. I would love a big flashy paint.

  13. Color! Color! Color! The more color, the more I love it. (Hence why I own a palomino Paint, of course!) It’s not the top priority, of course, but why not try to get the whole package… a great horse, with lots of color. 🙂

  14. I had my “colored” horse and he was such a not good experience that now I just don’t see spotted horses the same. When I was younger I always wanted a buckskin with really dramatic black points on all four legs. Now, I’m pretty happy with just my plain bay.

  15. I really want a bay with four socks and a blaze. However…I also love a chestnut with flaxen mane and tail (and chrome of course). I’m not really too crazy about a pinto but I don’t dislike them, they just have to be the right color.

  16. One day I’ll have a Knabstrupper of my own!! (Preferably one sired by Tzigane, a Trakehner stallion.) I LOVE leopard spots!

  17. Oh, I’m a sucker for colour. I’ve owned a paint and an appy, now I have a plain bay. *sigh* lol I’m on the lookout for a pony/mini companion (or 2!) and I have two criteria – friendly and coloured! 😉

    A few years ago, a lady at my barn had a buckskin paint colt – he was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to buy him, but I couldn’t get the funds sorted out at the time! I would love my next QH to be a buckskin or a gray… or a blue roan!

  18. I’m a sucker for the WAP’s line of Appaloosa Sporthorses ever since I saw them at an horse expo in Maryland. One day I will own one, my husband just doesn’t know it yet! As someone who owned a palomino and leased a paint, I can safely say I love color. But, I have a healthy dose of jealously with how easy it is to clean up those chestnuts and bays!

  19. My sporthorse is buckskin with 3 white feet and a blaze 🙂 won’t lie, I bought him in part for his color.

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