An Object in Motion

An Object in Motion

Last week was not my week.

We won’t get into the crux of it, but on Friday night I was so looking forward to the weekend when we’d have sunshine and lots of barn time!  Plus, super awesome blog friend Tracy was coming to Austin for the weekend and we had fun plans to hang out.  We did hang out, and it was super fun but I’m going to save the fun post for tomorrow and today share my stupidity with y’all.

First, on Friday night my husband and I were driving downtown to meet Tracy and her husband for dinner.  Tim wasn’t feeling well, and spaced out to ever so lightly rear end someone.  Seriously, there were just two tiny scratches on the woman’s car but even though he felt really bad I said it was just an innocent accident and nothing bad happened.  Worst case scenario, we’ll send her some money to repair the scratches.  Both of us have had clean driving records for years, so we chocked it up to one of those things.


Flash forward to the next day, and I’m in my car leaving to go pick up Tracy to see the oh so fabulous Simon pants.  I’m running a few minutes late, and get in my car to go when I realize that the open door light is on.  At first I shut the door nearest me while I’m still sitting, but the light remains on so I get out of my car to figure out what door needs to be shut.  Yeah, too bad my car was still in reverse.  My driveway has a steep slope, so it starts rolling back quickly.


I leap in the car to stop it yelling “No!  Stop!  Don’t!” because cars listen when you yell at them.   Now I guess I over estimated my ninja abilities by about a thousand percent, because instead of stopping the car, I manage to get my leg underneath it and watch my foot being rolled over.  Sitting in my driveway with two throbbing feet, I then watched my car roll backwards into a mail truck.

Luckily, the car stopped after the driver’s side door got bent completely backwards by the mail truck.  The actual mail truck itself wasn’t damaged, and the mailman was basically the nicest person on earth.  I was sitting in my driveway in shock and on the verge of a major melt down, and he comes up to me.

“You’re okay!  That’s great!  It’s going to be okay!”

I just sat there breathing looking at him.

“Look how okay you are!”

He was super friendly and understanding, so I appreciate that.  Plus, minus my feet really hurting and a rather interesting car door, nothing bad happened.



Now that it’s all said and done, I have learned both not to leave your car in reverse and don’t try to get into a moving car.  It was a pretty stupid and expensive mistake, but my foot isn’t broken (verified by x-ray even!) and my car will get fixed.  It’ll be out in the shop for at least a week, so at this point the biggest inconvenience is figuring out how to get to the barn with one car in the family.  That, and I have to shuffle around my budget to accommodate for the insurance deductible.  Talking over the damage with the repair guy this morning, I’m quite grateful for car insurance.

The rest of Saturday afternoon I pretty much iced my foot and drank enough wine to try and forget that it happened.  I still feel extremely stupid, but since no one has presented me with a “do over” button I guess I just have to deal with it.

45 thoughts on “An Object in Motion

  1. I laughed way too hard at “Look how OK you are!” What a nice guy.

    I ended up with a car door that looked just like that, but it wasn’t because the car got away from me. I actively backed the car door into a pole like a dumbass. And I couldn’t afford to get it fixed, so I bashed the door closed with a sledgehammer, duct taped the outside (it leaked) and climbed in and out the window Dukes of Hazard style.

    Glad you’re OK and can actually get the car fixed!

  2. Oh no. That is just no fun at all. The mailman kind of cracks me up though. “THAT’S GREAT.” Ha.

    If it makes you feel better, I have a friend who had her foot driven over and did break bones. Trust me, you’re lucky to miss out on that experience.

  3. So glad you posted the story! Lolololol “look at how okay you are!”. I imagine its probably your normal mail guy unless he’s a “floater” (yes, that’s actually what they call them – my step-dad is a mail carrier) and covers other people’s routes on their off day. Glad your foot isn’t broken!

  4. I was meeting friends downtown for drinks after a horse show a few months ago and while looking for parking found myself the first car in a long line that was being blocked by a gentleman waiting for a spot by sitting in the middle of both lanes. I got out of my car to ask him to move over so we could all pass (and park in the plentiful spots beyond him), and turned back to my car just in time to see it idle, driverless, into his rear bumper.

    I too yelled “no! Stop!” but was ignored by my recalcitrant vehicle.

    We need a button for our awesome driving skills!!

  5. I forgot to put the parking break of my stick shift VW Beetle and then watched in horror as my locked car rolled backwards into a very angry lady’s mini van. Neither car were damaged but she was bound and determined to call the police, file a report, and notify the insurance company. Thankfully nothing ever came of it (no rise in my insurance at least). Bummer about your car, but at least you weren’t injured!!

  6. Oh honey. Yep. I’ve been there. Last year was not my year. I’ll drink a big glass of wine tonight in honor of our mutually terrifying insurance deductibles…

    So glad you survived! Sometimes it feels like that’s the biggest accomplishment. 😉

  7. Whoa!! So glad you are okay!!! I’ve done countless stupid things with my car, which is why I have Triple AAA Plus. Worth every penny. One time I left my old Honda in drive, and turned the car off. (So glad my new Honda will not let me turn the engine off without putting it in park first). i went inside for fast food, and when I came back out my car was “gone”. It had rolled to the end of the parking lot and got stopped by the curb. Thankfully no other cars or objects were nearby!!!!

  8. Gosh, that sounds like an awful day. I guarantee I’d be sitting there in the driveway bawling as I watched my car roll backwards lol. I had to laugh at the mailman though, that’s the nicest thing to say! Look how okay you are!

  9. Oh my god you poor thing! Thanks god there were no pedestrians around! Lol Hope you had accident forgiveness and your rates don’t change. Get well soon!

  10. We all goof – laugh about it (maybe next month). Last year I broke my own truck’s rear windshield when I hit the front of my trailer while jackknifing it. I then had to drive several hours home praying it wouldn’t fall out … embarrassing! Several months before that I rear-ended the NICEST man on the planet in my truck and trailer (no damage to either vehicle or horses, thank God). Whoever thinks there are no nice guys left must be looking in the wrong places.

    Smile, have a few more glasses of wine (I’ll even have one for you), and try not to be Wonder Woman for a few weeks. :0)

  11. Oh my, most have us have been there in some way if form. My mom did the same thing but luckily she managed to jump back in. My poor friend sitting in the car was a bit traumatized though lol. My first day driving solo I tapped a BMW in a yuppy neighborhood at Starbucks with my ghetto 82 Corolla. Luckily he cared more about his cell conversation and waved me off.

  12. Ouch! I’m so sorry, Lauren. That is terrible. What doesn’t kill you makes you. . . have a good story to tell that will be hilarious one day. A long way from now.

    It’s not just you. My 16-y/o stepdaughter just got her license. My husband was passenger and a car side-swiped them (Saturday). He said, “Follow the car!” So they followed it. Turned out to be a kid she went to school with in jr. hi.

    Yesterday she was at her mom’s and we got a text that she drove into someone else’s car and a text pic of a big scrape.

    Maybe it’s phases of the moon?? What is going on?

  13. Look how okay you are! haha… what a sweet man.

    I feel for you, that is terrible. Someone completely ripped my brand new truck’s driver side (fancy-dancy-stupid-expensive) mirror off today and then drove off… it sucked. Car’s suck.. but you are okay, and so am I – little things to remember 😉

  14. So glad you’re OK, and uh, try not to leap into any moving vehicles? It looks great in movies, but next time, go with a stunt double!

  15. aww oh no!! hope your foot feels better soon!! what a crummy situation – tho i can totally relate to the impulse to try and stop the moving car….

  16. “Look how okay you are!” I giggleSNORTed at that. It seems like something someone would say to a toddler who fell down more than an adult who’d had their foot runover! So happy you’re okay and nothing is worse for the wear. Huge freaking bummer all the same though. =( Boo to money going bye-byes so very unexpectedly.

  17. Manuals. That shit rolls as soon as you take your foot off the brake, so you know when the car is going to go speeding down a driveway and try to murder you.

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