Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

This post will only further convince you that I am really a twelve year old girl instead of a thirty year old professional.

A few months ago, one of my co-workers who enjoys art as a hobby mentioned a fairly new phenomenon she was enjoying called adult coloring. No, these are not coloring books with “Mature” content (although a quick google search will let you know that these exist as well), but instead artists who are creating incredibly detailed line drawings full of patterns.

I shelved this information in my “cool things for the future” brain pocket, and with a little extra spending money this month and extra time from all the rain, I figured I’d order a book and a new set of colored pencils.

I picked up that beauty from Amazon, and eagerly awaited its shipment. Part of my coloring experiment was to see if I slept better at night with coloring before bed instead of playing on my iPad. The blue light from screens isn’t good for sleeping, and sometimes I think I stay up way later from YouTube and instagram binging than I would from something else.

Yesterday the book arrived, and I immediately began looking for ponies. I was not disappointed.




Besides ponies, the book had a ton of other animals. Some of my favorites were the dog, fox and big cats… but there’s something for everyone. There were only two pages that I pretty much hated and would never color.

After flipping through the book, I settled on this guy.


And started coloring.

And coloring.

And coloring some more.


I may or may not have colored for almost three hours until my arm and elbow hurt. Art is painful folks! I had forgotten.

In the end, I have this amazing rainbow pony which I’m super happy with.


I also slept like a baby last night, so that’s a win. The book brags that coloring is stress relieving and relaxing. While I won’t make any scientific claims, I enjoyed this activity on a non-barn night while doing laundry.

There are tons of options on Amazon, but if you want the same selection to make your own rainbow pony you can get the book I used by clicking here – Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

51 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Books

  1. I’ve heard of this phenomenon, very cool! Also, I had to laugh at the “adult” coloring books – bet you’ll get some funny SEO hits out of this post!

  2. Um… you can’t just say something like “that I would never ever color” and not tell us what it is!!!!!! Speculating wildly….

      1. Go ahead and give the bottom of this list pictures a try. Nothing in ‘the rules’ (ha) says you have to keep them. Somewhere there is someone who likes that particular animal/critter.
        Your coloring skills are fab. Just post them as a giveaway on FB or maybe earn a few stash-bucks on ebay.

        In the meantime, enjoy the horses! I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better lately … I wonder if its the needlepoint kit I purchased last week?

        M in NC

  3. This is how I started putting my horses onto canvas when I was painting my mind was “still” it wasn’t “racing” I noticed it right away, beats expensive therapy hahaha.

  4. Full disclosure: my senior year of college my friend and I brought coloring books and crayons with us to the library during finals week and we’d whip them out and just start coloring right then and there whenever we needed a 15 minute break from serious studying. I swear it was the most brilliant idea I ever had so I am not surprised to see that this is a thing!

    Your rainbow pony came out amazing! I really should start drawing again…it’s one of those things that totally at the bottom of my priority list but I should really make time for because I’m sure it would do wonders for my sanity

  5. Just went to Amazon to add these to my wish list! I love the idea, probably much better for my stressed out brain than staring at my iPad!

  6. Coloring (in the lines) is good for your soul. True story, I just read a study on it. Also, my friends and I used to color Disney books all the time in college.

  7. Love these! I have on my to do list to get some. Haven’t checked that off yet though 😉
    When I was a kid I had a book of patterns that was similar to this, but I like how these patterns are within an animal (or whatever).

  8. I love to color. Of course I have small children who ask me to color so I haven’t felt the need for an “adult” coloring book yet.

  9. You might be interested in the type of art I’m working on. I’ve been teaching my horse to paint. He has his own facebook page too. I always enjoy reading your blog and surprisingly found another local blogger that had commented on something. I recognized the location of her picture. Had to go to Texas to find a neighbor in Virginia, small world.

  10. I just added one to my amazon cart yesterday! I didn’t see the animal one, I just found a cool pattern one. Now I’ll have to decide…..and find my colored pencils…

  11. That coloring is OUTSTANDING.

    I just bought a copy of this for myself and my best friend in California. I LOVE the idea of doing this before bed!!!! Outstanding, thank you!

  12. Definitely not my cup of tea for relaxing – I draw and color all day long in my classroom. The kids think I am a FABULOUS artist. :0) Much of what I teach involves drawings, sketches, and illustrations. Just today I drew what Boone had drawn in Indian in the Cupboard. I also colored the borders of our four figures of speech cards. It’s something different every day. I do much better with my Kindle before bed. :0)

  13. I love coloring! It’s one of my favorite activities with the two year old I babysit haha.

    I color at home too. Have you heard of Zentangling? That’s what I do. Those patterns remind me of Zentangle. I do the pattern and then color in my own. Butterflies are a lot of fun! I need to share some on my blog. 🙂

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