A BT Sleeps Tonight

A BT Sleeps Tonight

In the past year, BT has started sleeping really soundly. We asked the vet about it at her annual in the spring, and his response was “That’s what happens when they hit double digits.” He said it was nothing to worry about, and that lots of pet owners with elderly dogs ask the same question.

We got used to this silently sleeping BT problem, and even found it to our advantage sometime. Now we could enter the bathroom, tip toe around her and get something without waking her up. Win!

Group naps sponsored by the old brown couch
Group naps sponsored by the old brown couch

When I went through the photos on Tim’s phone after he died, I noticed he had taken several photos of her sleeping in cute positions. Despite all her senility, she’s still a sweet old girl. The photos I found made me smile, and I decided to try and snap a picture of her whenever I caught her sleeping soundly.

I don’t usually do a “Wordless Wednesday” and I’ve already killed that idea with the 160 words I just wrote, but I wanted to share the photos with y’all anyway.















After all these photos… I think I am ready for a nap!

26 thoughts on “A BT Sleeps Tonight

  1. Cutest. Post. Ever.

    I have many photos of Pia sleeping like that too. Something about a squishy face sleeping soundly like that just warms the heart… And makes me want a nap.

  2. ADORABLE!!! Made me want to run home and snap photos of my little chi’s sleeping. 🙂 I can never get good photos of them when they are awake. . . . .

    1. She has two of her own (one died and was replaced) and there are 2 other “community” dog beds she will occasionally nap in. All in all I have 5 dog beds in the house for all of them! Not counting my bed which is first choice 🙂

  3. So cute! What a sweet old girl. My guy was the same way. I loved when I could sneak by him to do something quick without disturbing him.

  4. We have a three year old lab who has been a hard core sleeper since he was a baby. That dog sleeps at least 20 hours a day, maybe more. He often sleeps beside my side of the bed on the floor. When I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I usually step on some part of him, but he never even rolls over. The dude is always OUT! He’s the same one who got Parvo the day after we got him, so we’ve asked our vet if he’s just weak from a puppyhood illness. Nope, says the vet. He’s just the laziest lab ever. :0)

  5. Those are some great napping photos. Watching sleeping dogs is good for the soul, isn’t it? No matter where or how. And BT sure does have a LOT of different places to nap! 🙂 I have to ask, why the name BT? Does it stand for something? It is an acronym I associate with my youth, lol. My Hazel’s napping photos are usually with her on the couch and her legs in the air. It seems to be a Plott Hound thing. She is 9 this year, so I guess I should expect the true napping years any time now. A bit sad, but beautiful, too.

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