Go Go Pony Show

Go Go Pony Show

It’s safe to say that I have horse showing on the brain.

I spent my day with Jen and Echo (aka Baby Race Horse) at an itty bitty schooling show an hour southwest of Austin. It was an… er… interesting show (I will say there were beautiful jumps and plenty of areas to school that was awesome for competitors), but Echo was a rock star and had a great confidence building learning experience. I played photographer, groom and try to see what the hell was going on with the class list person. After I got home, I pretty much immediately fell asleep and dreamed about horse showing Simon.


Suffice to say, I am going to take him to the CTHJA show this Saturday. We will trailer over Friday night to school, he will spend the night out there and we’ll show Sat. I decided to do a division that’s not CTHJA points rated in hopes that it will be smaller, and am going to show in “Beyond Beginner” 2’0-2’3″. This is a step up from just the 2’0″ we did last year, but trainer says we’re ready and hopefully I won’t be in a class list with a bunch of tiny children. I will be thrilled if I can ever get to a division that’s limited to adults!

What a good boy Echo!
What a good boy Echo!

So I have a lot to do between now and then. One lesson, some hacks and maybe a training ride before we school Friday. I have to finalize my show clothes, clean my newly repaired boots (ie make it seem like they weren’t held together by duct tape at the last show), clean tack, clip horse… The list could go on.


Until then, please share any tips you have about showing in the heat. It’s supposed to be 101 on Saturday. I may die. It’s a legit possibility. Fat Norwegian people aren’t supposed to see 101 let alone show in it!

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  1. This sounds silly, but buy one of those gel things you freeze and wrap around your neck. They make them in a scarf and bandana version and they stay cool for hours. I’ve put one on my neck and legs before, plus I’ve put a couple in the saddle bag when on trail rides to keep Red cool and they help a lot. Obviously when in a show you’ll have to use them discreetly so they don’t look tacky-no pun intended, okay, maybe a tad-but they may be worth a try.

  2. I agree with Kalin- buy a freeze gel wrap thing. If you can’t find one, or don’t want to spend money on one, then wet down a bandanna and freeze it. The coolness doesn’t last as long, but it’s cheap and it works!

    If the show you’re attending is casual enough, wear a Dri-fit type material polo shirt. (I’ve found a lot of men’s golf shirts made out of this stuff.) I school in my Nike workout tops, and they’re great for wicking away the sweat and keeping me cool. TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshall’s always have a zillion of the men’s golf shirts for cheap.

    In my younger days, I’d keep a few cool bottles of Gatorade handy for cross-country day at the Kentucky Horse Park during Pony Club Rally. It was always very hot and humid (it was Kentucky in June)- the Gatorade always made me feel better. Plus, Moe always really enjoyed drinking blue raspberry Gatorade.

    1. That’s a really good idea! I think I will try to pick one of those tech fabric shirts up as long as my trainer is good with me ditching my show shirt in favor of a polo.

  3. I vote handy water backpack with one of those drinking hoses that come over your shoulder directly into your mouth hidden under your show coat.

    But no one has ever asked me for fashion advice before.

  4. You’ll be at your show in 100 degree heat, I’ll be XC schooling. We’re both crazy!

    I’ve found I need to start hydrating the day before. Drink more water than you think you need. Drink Gatorade if you like it, or another sports drink. Consider taking some potassium pills, or sodium pills.

    Take breaks when you can, and stay out of the sun when you can. Bring a fan with you if you have a place to plug it in (well, a fan for you AND one for Simon). Keep a cooler with cold wet cloths in them, and use them as much as you need. Put them on your neck and wrists to cool down faster. It may also help to wet your hair/scalp – as long as it has a bit of time to dry before you next need to put your helmet on.

    And just keep drinking water – you really can’t have too much in this heat! Good luck. Oh, and the pics of Echo make us look SOOO good! Thank you!

  5. Water! Tons of it! And Gatorade. We had a show this weekend and I went back the next day to help at another show and it was beyond hot and humid. Lots of people had the soaked bandanas around their necks and one 70 year old lady was walking around in a sports bra. . .

  6. Those are beautiful photos of Echo!

    I’m super excited to hear how your show goes with Simon! Sadly I don’t have any good suggestions for showing in the heat but it sounds like you’ve got some good suggestions from everyone else.

  7. I recently showed in 90 degree weather this past weekend – not nearly as hot, but definitely hot!
    A lot of the advice above is sound. I found I brought 6 24oz bottles of water and guzzled all of them over the weekend, so I suggest you take more water than you think you will drink just to be on the safe side.

    Also, electrolytes for your horse!

    And sunscreen – lots and lots of sunscreen. I also recommend baby wipes to get rid of sweat/make you feel cleaner.

    1. Baby wipes are a great idea. I’ll have to pack some of those in our show bag. Simon is already on electrolytes – I think they’re pretty much a necessity when I ask him to work and it’s this hot out!

  8. First off — good luck! And I definitely second the “can’t wait to show in an adult-only division.” I’m right there with you.

    Anyways, the best advice I have is hydration as well. Seriously changed my life. Drink lots of water the night before and throughout the day. If you can, school in the morning or evening when it’s not quite so hot and drinks sips of water in between your trips, if you can.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. Bahahahaha Carly!!!

    Lets see lots of water! Take off your jacket and unbutton your shirt whenever possible. Sit in the shade. Take off your helmet even tho getting that perfect hunter hair is a chore. Ice on your head or back of neck does wonders.

    You got this! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  10. I vote for Carly’s idea. Or, you could go for the more redneck take, and just get one of those cup holding hats with the straw that goes into your mouth and just attach it to your helmet. Bound to keep you cool and I’m sure you can find one that will match your show colours so you can by “stylish”.

    On a more serious note, I’m really excited for you guys!

  11. Love the pictures!! Thanks for taking them. 🙂 Good luck next weekend. My philosophy for super hot shows seems to be “stay home”. Guess that isn’t practical in TX.

    1. 100% agree with Megs – I hope to be half as good and photo snapping if i ever figure out how to use my camera properly!

      Afraid I’ve no advice to add as we don’t get temps like that here, currently temps are loitering between 10-15C, nasty drop form 33C last week – what has happened to summer?! 🙁
      Trying to fit riding in between showers when horses are on 24/7 turnout is not the easiest when working full time, lol

      Best of luck at the weekend, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  12. I don’t think I’ve seen mention of a big hat! I’m talking big, round, almost floppy style sun hat. Between classes, when I remove my helmet, I’m always in want of said hat, and I still haven’t found the right one.
    I second the gel neck wrap – those things are unbelievable!
    I also second all the water you can drink.
    Don’t forget to eat! I reccomend nibbling every hour or 2. If I don’t, I make it to the end of the day just fine, then get hit with an excruciating headache almost as soon as I get home. I suggest things like granola bars, apples, carrots… maybe the occasional cookie… 😉
    And turkey sandwiches!

  13. oh how exciting!! Can’t wait to hear about it! I know you’re going to rock it. And drink plenty of water and give your pony electrolytes! (and yourself electrolytes ha). Maybe one of those hand-held water bottles with a fan and mist? I love those things. I need to get myself one for hot show days!

  14. Since I think I live in one of the hottest places ever, overdramatic yes, I think I might have a lot of experience with this.

    1) Dryfit show shirt. They now make show shirts in the technical fabrics, and they make a WORLD of difference. I would say also get a technical fabric jacket, but those are very costly, not something you really buy on a whim.

    2) Bring a small cooler filled with half frozen drinks, and half just cold drinks. Bring fruits and ice and face wipes and those freezy neck wraps and put them all in the cooler. Seriously do not skip this.

    3) Bring a bucket to make sure Simon is hydrated. If you can, bring him some gatorade too.

    4) If the grounds have outlets, bring a fan for him too.

  15. The pictures from the show are great!

    In regards to the heat, you and I will be in the same boat… I have a mini trial with all three phases on Sunday. I’m going to die. My current plan is the biggest cooler I can find, filled to the brim with ice and bottles of water, lots of water. Definitely Gatorade for me and some sort of electrolytes for Limerick! I also have a “technical” show shirt and light weight show coat. It is always a possibility that the show organizers will decide that you don’t have to wear a coat, which would be tremendously helpful! Here’s to hoping!

  16. WOOHOO for horse showing! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    And since everyone else has covered “drink all the waters!” I’m just going to say to bring a second/third/fourth shirt so that when you’ve sweat through the first few, you can change.

    Also, on behalf of my home state, I apologize for the summer temperatures. LOL.

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