You Know You’re a Horse Person When

You Know You’re a Horse Person When

There are a lot of these lists out there – we have Buzzfeed and other sites to thank for that.  10 Signs You’re in Your Late 20’s!  27 Things Only Best Friends With the Same Color Hair Know! 

Some of them are funny, and some of them are tiring. 


Last night at the grocery store, I did something that surprised myself.  While walking my semi-full cart to my car in the parking lot, I told it to “Whoa.”  Out loud.

So I decided I’d take a stab at my own personal list of signs that I’ve gone off the deep end.  I’ve been riding for twenty years now, and I tell my grocery cart to whoa. 

8 Signs Lauren is Crazy You Might Be a Horse Person 

In a crowded airport, you try to pass left shoulder to left shoulder.  It’s just as frustrating as the warmup ring at a horse show – ask me how I know.  


Sometimes you start driving your car and have a moment of panic because you forgot to put your helmet on. 

You may or may not tell your grocery cart (or lawn mover) to “Whoa” when you are ready to stop. 

You choose lifelong jewelry pieces (like a wedding band) based on whether it’s safe to wear at the barn or not.  


$50 is the upper end of your budget for a “nice” pair of work pants.  $200 is about average for your budget of a pair of show breeches. 

Your co-workers don’t even ask if you can drive to lunch anymore, because they know that you still haven’t unpacked your car from the last horse show.  


When it’s time to plan your yearly vacation, you suggest staying at La Quinta instead of a nice hotel or resort.  You tell your husband it’s so you can spend more money on activities, but really you want reward points for free nights at your favorite hotels by the horse show. 

Over half of your immediate family can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from the Dover Email list from the gift certificate they bought you last year. 


So those are some of my signs… what would you add to this list?

26 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Horse Person When

  1. My husband clucks at me to get me to move faster, I tell my friends “easy” in a deep voice to settle down and I push my husband in his side to get him to move his haunches. That’s just the beginning. You are not alone.

    1. I tap on the hip and cluck at my wife to get her to move over in the kitchen. And I have been know to lift my son’s leg in the proper horse position to check his shoes while he is standing.

  2. I totally do the moment of panic in the car because I’m not wearing my helmet!
    Also, I also hold the dogs leash so it passes between my little finger and my ring finger like reins. Just the flat leashes mind you, not the rope or chain ones.

  3. My dog responds to kisses & clucks.

    When I was first learning how to drive, I often wished cars could bend.

    I’m tempted to yell “head up” at people I’m going to pass on the side walk or in a hallway..

    I count strides on between cracks on sidewalks too.

    1. I count strides between cracks, too.

      And I heard myself say “Forward! Leg!” to someone in front of me merging too slowly on to the freeway.

  4. My mom doesn’t even ask what I want for birthday/Christmas, she just asks what my horses need. I refuse to wear fashion boots in the winter because they all seem cheap and ill-fitting compared to my tall boots. I drive a cheap crappy car to work to save money for horse shows. I once had an employee say she pictured me more in a Mercedes. “Yeah I have a couple of those parked in my barn at home.”

  5. When I was dating someone with kids I would tell the kids to “whoa” or “easy, easy now” if something was going wrong.

    I use whoa and easy a lot. Just this week, I said “whoa! whoa! WHOOOOAAAA!” to pallets falling in my warehouse.

    I have more than once tried to swing my leg over as I climb into my tall jeep.

  6. I’ll pat my husband and say, “Move over” when I want him to move. I do the exact same thing with Lily. At work, I constantly find myself clucking or kissing at the canine patients when I want them to move, telling them “Easy” when they are frightened, and asking them to “Back up” or “Whoa” as well. I’m always the first to offer to “trot out” a dog for lameness exam. And I also keep my car backrest very straight so that I’m sitting up while driving like I would be on a horse.

  7. I have been known to use horse liniment on my own body. I cluck frequently at things around me. And my car never fails to be filled with mud, hay and the faint smell of hog fuel, much to my husband’s shocked horror.

  8. My husband clucks at me when we are running late and I am moving to slowly.

    I used to kiss and cluck to my infant. Now she can cluck with the best of them.

    If I am running, I always make sure that I am forward and I transition smoothly down to walk.

    This list and these comments are awesome!

  9. You choose lifelong jewelry pieces (like a wedding band) based on whether it’s safe to wear at the barn or not.

    Totally, totally true (as is everything on this list)!! We went to get our wedding bands last week; the guy at the store asked what kind of band appealed to me and I said “Well, I spent a lot of time at a barn with lots of dirt and lots of horses.” He looked kind of horrified lolz.

    I’ll also add “You haven’t seen a health professional in years because your job doesn’t offer health insurance, but your horse sees the vet, chiropractor, massage therapist, farrier, dentist, and/or pet psychic regularly.”

    And possibly, “You continue to work for far below market rate at your local tack store because a) you get a discount on tack and b) the schedule works with your riding plans.” 😉

  10. haha i love this!! i also may or may not have clucked at my parents’ aging volvo station wagon and told it to ‘giddy up’ driving up a steep hill….

  11. Oh lordy, clucking at everyone all the time. Manfriend also no longer gives me piggybacks because I try to steer with my legs and he doesn’t really appreciate getting a heel in his side. Always watching for stuff that might cause a spook…in the car.

  12. Kids more likely to have vetwrap and furacin for a boo-boo than a bandaid. I joke that if anyone (human) needs a splint to expect an old pitchfork handle and vetwrap. During this drought I’m using fortex horse buckets in my house to catch shower water.

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