Winter Staycation

Winter Staycation

As of today, I’m back in my normal schedule of work plus barn plus life.  Even though I’ve enjoyed my time off, I mostly like my job and am okay getting back in the routine.  See, since December 23rd I’ve been very much out of any routine.

My company closes every  year between Christmas and New Years and the way the dates fell this year, I didn’t have to go back in the office until today.  Usually all of this extra time off is spent traveling.  However, my husband doesn’t have the same vacation schedule and this year we didn’t really stay gone that long for Christmas.  For the first time since I started working, I had a week off with no where to go and no guest in town.  It was delightfully strange.


Naturally, I planned to spend a lot of this time at the barn.  I got in two sunny winter rides in, including a really hard/fun lesson, before the weather turned south.  It was cold and rainy for several days, and I also got a minor head cold which kept me a bit out of commission.

Without being able to ride as much, I turned my hand to organizing all of our cabinets.  I hauled an entire car load of things to Goodwill (it felt so fantastic) and have been enjoying some clutter free areas.  Perhaps this isn’t a super fun thing to do on vacation, but I dug it.

There was also a lot of napping.



And some shopping.


And talking to my dogs a lot, since they were who I hung out with all day.


Her new Christmas toy
Her new Christmas toy
Epic action shot
Epic action shot

When my Christmas clippers (ordered immediately after the holiday with present money/gift cards) arrived, I turned my boredom into experimenting by clipping all of my animals.  Poor Eliot was the first victim.

Pre-attack with clippers
Pre-attack with clippers

The plus side?  Now his hair is short, clean and mat free.  I don’t get him professionally groomed enough nor do I brush him enough to keep his long coat free of mats, so this hair cut makes everyone happier.  He does look.. a little rough though.  Clipping horses are much easier than dogs!

Post clipper attack
Post clipper attack

Simon was also due for a second clip, because I hate hair.  Luckily I got a 60 degree sunny day in before work in order to bathe him.


Of course being a Texas winter, the weather is pretty nuts for the next few weeks.  Up and down up and down with lows below freezing a few nights.  With that in mind, I decided to do a trace clip instead of a full body clip.  I thought the extra hair would keep him warm, but enough has been clipped off that he will stay cooler working on warm days and dry off quickly at night when I ride after work.


Plus, it’s a new style we haven’t tried before.

So this essentially pointless post is mostly to say that I am feeling pretty damn good.  I got a lot of super productive things done in my day off, and am starting off 2015 with a good attitude.  There are lots of fun things up ahead, and I’m looking forward to it.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

32 thoughts on “Winter Staycation

    1. I pulled up an image on my phone to reference constantly, but my lines still didn’t match it 100%. It’s probably safer to using masking tape or chalk to draw the lines out. Simon is a REALLY good boy clipping, so I had the benefit of a very still horse in order to free hand it.

  1. Yay for cuddling with the puppies! I see we had similar staycations. You new shoes are super cute (love the horseshoe tattoo) and you did a great job clipping!

  2. I’ve been wanting to shave my Golden for a couple years now. He always seems so hot, especially in Summer time but I’ve read mixed reviews about doing it. Have you noticed your dogs coat to be any different after you shave it and it grows back? I’ve read that the under coat which keeps them cool doesn’t grow back right, or something along those lines.

    1. Eliot’s coat definitely changed once I started shaving him. Specifically, the undercoat on the top of his butt has grown back shorter and coarser than before. For us the shaving is due to a mix of the heat, his advanced age, keeping my house clean and keeping him free of mats. I kept him in a full coat for eight years, and think his hair was healthiest when I got him to the groomer for a show clip every 8 weeks or so. Still, you gotta do what works best for you and your dog!

  3. Cute shoes! Simon looks awesome. And BT in action cracked me the hell up. You could have a backup career as a dog groomer!

  4. I can’t imagine trying to clip my dogs. Harley (the golden) would flop on her back and be all passive aggressive while Guinness (the German shepherd) would be cowering and have his tail between his legs and his ears flat back…. Dandy is much easier to take care of!

    1. Luckily for me, Eliot has been going to the pro groomer since he was a year old. So he actually did pretty well standing still for the clipping, and I think appreciated he did it in the comfort of our kitchen instead of scary PetSmart.

  5. Simon and Eliot look great with their clips! We have a long-haired mutt that we clip throughout the summer. I’d love to clip him year round because the loose hair drifting around the house drives me nuts, but he’s way more comfortable in the winter with all that gross hair.

  6. Daaaaamn Simon is looking gooood! Love going into a new year feeling good. I’m feeling sick, but pretty motivated to not let this year suck. 😉 Let’s go 2015!

  7. Sounds super relaxing!!! Jealous you have clippers. My horse is a fur monster, but really don’t want to spend the money for clipping!

  8. staycations FTW!! glad you enjoyed your time off and that getting back into the work routine is nbd. i was less thrilled about going back to work… but then we got a snow day today!! 😀

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