Three Videos That Will Warm Your Horse Loving Heart

Three Videos That Will Warm Your Horse Loving Heart

Okay I’m a few months early here, but there’s a lot going on and I needed a pick-me-up.  Since there’s two work days between us working folks and Friday afternoon – I figured y’all might need a pick-me-up too.

There are tons of videos like this on Youtube, but these three got me all misty eyed, warm and fuzzy.

I love these little girls. I love how happy and grateful they are, and I love that I still feel that excited to have my own giant hay burning creature now 14 years after my first horse.

How about y’all? Did you ever get a horse as a gift or surprise like these videos?

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  1. Red was a surprise and gift. Not as big of a surprise as these girls had because I kind of caught on when mom started getting her old tack out. 😉 You know the story so I won’t bore you, but I ended up in the car sobbing like these kids did! :)) And after a year+ of having my sassy, horse that acts like a mule, I wouldn’t trade him.

  2. Ahhh, thanks for makin me cry at work, Lauren! Oh, those were such sweet videos. (*:
    My first horse wasn’t a surprise, but when my parents bought her for me, I had a pretty similar reaction!

  3. My sister and I experienced this many years ago. I knew ahead of time but my sister didn’t. My parents wrapped up a stall sign they had made for her to open. My sister was like uh okay. It took her a while to get that the horse was the actual present but when she did her reaction was pretty much the same as these other girls. Dreams come true!

  4. I got my first horse when I was 14. I was with my mom when she signed the papers and right after I ran to his stall so fast I tripped and fell. I just remember giving him the biggest hug ever. I’m not a crier – but I was so elated I could barely breath.

  5. Oh Gosh, I did. I was 14 though, and when you’re 14 you don’t look so cute bawling your eyes out, and snot running down your face. It was quite memorable though.

  6. OMG I always love these types of videos, they’re SO sweet and it makes me tear up! I hadn’t seen any of these three before and I love how grateful all three girls were! :’)

  7. Christmas morning, 1975. I had asked Santa for a pad saddle ($15) and had spent several months convincing myself that since it was only $15, my parents would be able to afford it for me. The night before Christmas, I didn’t sleep at all. Not a wink. At about 3 am my mom brought my brother and myself our stockings to try to keep us quiet until 5:30 am. Finally, we were let into the living room where there were gifts piled in huge piles. My brother had a huge pile in one of the chairs, including a massive hot wheels race track. My sister had gifts piled at one end of the couch, including a miniature doll bed and high stool. My youngest brother had the other end of the couch, with a huge set of drums set in front.

    Then there was my chair. It had a single lead rope and halter hanging from one arm. No pad saddle. No big pile of gifts. I was crushed. I picked up the halter and held it in my hands, struggling to keep the tears from falling, devastated that my gift was missing. My mom said, in the strangest voice, did you read the note, Karen? I shook my head, afraid to speak, my back turned to where she sat with my father in the middle of the couch. My mom replied that there should have been a note attached to the halter. I searched the chair and found a Christmas tag slid between the cushion and the arm. It read: The rest of your gift was too big to bring in the house. It is waiting for you outside in the pasture.

    My head jerked up and I asked my mom what was waiting in the pasture. She told me it was Queenie. I was gone in a flash, in pj’s and sleepers, out in two feet of snow, to greet my Appy mare. She was every thing to me for more than 10 years.

  8. It was all over the first time I got close enough to a horse to touch it. I was maybe five. The campaign for riding lessons started. I checked out all the horse books at my local library, and began working equine related commentary into every conversation, a la The Christmas Story. ;D
    Once I had a few rides under my belt, the begging began in earnest. My riding teacher frequently mentioned to my mom and dad who was for sale at the barn. A judge even wrote a comment at my first show – “Needs her own horse!”
    Closest I got was a bucket of grooming tools under the tree – a prized possession for years. Once my parents split up, riding went by the wayside.
    These videos tore me up. They reminded me to be as grateful as those adorable girls are, for my very own horse.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. That would be so hard as a kid to have judges and everyone tell you that you needed your own horse, and then not so much. It would be really hard to be a parent in that situation as well (at least I imagine so), since you want to give your kids the world but can’t always do so.

  9. Love these! My lease-to-own agreement concluded at christmasish, so that timing was perfect. I will never get tired of asking for a horse for any occasion.

  10. I cried. And cried again. And cried a third time.

    I made my own dream come true in 2011 – my senior year of college. He didn’t work out for me though and I sold him 6 months later. Griffin and Q came into my life less than a year later.

    I always dreamed of something like this. With either a Siberian husky and/or the horse. It started with horses though. Always the horses. I found out years after the fact that my mom did try to buy first heart-horse for me when the couple split up and I couldn’t see him often. I don’t know what was said or why he wouldn’t sell him (divorce must have been too fresh), but the fact that my mom WENT and ASKED that rough Harley Davidson riding construction working man if she could buy Stan from him meant the world to me. To this day I don’t think that she knows that I know…

  11. This is the best!! I hope I can surprise my little girl/boy like this one day! (If they’re into horses, anyway).

    My grandfather got me my first horse when I was 6 or 7. He had about five acres behind his house and started building a barn. He kept telling us he was just building it to keep his tractor in and maybe get a mule. He took us down to the barn one day and was showing us around and he kept teasing me about just owning a mule, and me, I was content just running around pretending to have a horse and thinking about what a good barn it would be, when my little brother had wondered off through the aisle to the other side and stopped, look back at us and said: “but grandpa, there’s a horse right here!?”

    So of course I ran out squealing and poof, I had a horse. Although really he bought a pony a week later and that’s the pony I actually ended up riding all of the time. 🙂 We sold both of them when I was 10 for my first *real* horse, Dino, who I could show and stuff. But I’m forever grateful to my grandfather for helping start the whole thing! He didn’t even ask my parents, he just bought the horse- he spoiled me rotten 🙂

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