This weekend I got a head cold and my 2nd crush on a gay man

This weekend I got a head cold and my 2nd crush on a gay man

Tim is in Chicago all weekend, which meant I created a list of ambitious plans to do in his absence.  This list included (in no particular order) finish painting the doors and decks of our house, take down all the Christmas decorations, clean the house from top to bottom, re-organize the guest room and take the dogs on several long outings to tire them out so they won’t annoy me anymore.

What actually happened is more like this… I woke up Saturday morning feeling like someone was driving a drill through the right side of my brain while continuously scraping my throat up and down with sand paper.  So the huge list of ambitious plans boiled down into me lying on the couch all day watching episode after episode of How I Met Your Mother.

That brings me to my next point:  Neil Patrick Harris.  Omg.

I’m not sure why this surprises me.  I loved Dr. Horrible.  His guest episode on glee made me wish they would kill off Mr. Schuster and replace him with his high school nemesis played by NPH, and the NPH cameo on Harold & Kumar Christmas (Yes, I saw Harold & Kumar Christmas) was the best part of the movie.

No fascination clicked until the head cold combined with a really long car ride from NC to Texas led to me watching HIMYM for seemingly 48 hours straight, thus sealing the NPH obsession.  Best I can figure, the combination of the singing/dancing Neil plus the womanizing Barney character in HIMYM equals the perfect man.  Musical loving theatrical performance plus extreme interest in women = win!  Win!

Of course, the beauty of any crush on a gay man is that they’re beyond unattainable thus one’s spouse cannot legitimately rouse any jealousy.  But hey, if you’re reading this Tim and feel inspired – Wicked is coming to Austin end of January and I may or may not have half the soundtrack  memorized 🙂

I mention that NPH is my 2nd crush on a gay man, and in one lovely episode of HIMYM both of my favorite men came together in one lovely moment.

Scene here with the cast on the roof with this Rufus Wainwright song playing in the background. Rufus is my first love, and if I ever meet a genie one of my top three wishes is to have Rufus follow me around with a piano singing the soundtrack of my life. And of course, there would be dancing.

It’s good to have dreams.

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  1. I don’t know why but everyone I know who started watching that show (myself included) became addicted while watching show after show on a sick day. Coincidence?

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