There Must Be a Pony!

There Must Be a Pony!

I’m really lucky to have some super awesome people in my life. They’ve been there to pick me up in dark times in countless ways, and I’m really fortunate.

I wanted to share one of those pick me ups, because it’s probably the best and most appropriate piece of mail I’ve ever gotten. See, my best friend is one of the rare people left that’s a patron of snail mail. She loves post cards and stationary, and sent me this postcard.


I know you can’t read the writing on the card, so I decided to re-type it to share.

Once upon a time a psychiatrist had twin sons age eight. One was an incurable pessimist – the other an incurable optimist. Their father became alarmed and decided to try an experiment. Christmas Eve he filled the pessimists room with everything a boy could wish for: and he filled the optimists room with horse manure.

Early next morning he went to observe their reactions. The pessimist sat among the toys, books, clothes, sporting goods – just sat there – eyeing the presents suspiciously, trying to figure out what the catch was. His father sighed and walked towards the other boy’s room. When he peeked in the door he saw him standing waist high in the middle of all the manure, shoveling it up in the air over his shoulder and laughing – as you would say, like a fiend!

“Son,” the father said, “What’s the matter with you? What are you so happy about?”

The boy turned, still laughing, and replied, “Gee, Dad, I figure with all this horse shit – there must be a pony!”

Have a great weekend everyone. Go find your pony 🙂

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