Super quick update

Super quick update

Catheter is out. His only blood level that was abnormal Friday was Calcium, so they gave him Calcium with his last fluids. He is peeing so much. It’s comical. He has never been this hydrated in his entire life.

We were given the clear to feed him some watery mushy grain and green grass. This pleases him, because we have been abusing him for the past two days. Hungry horse is hungry.

They still don’t know what caused all of this. Theories range from impaction to infection. However, Nothing makes total sense.

The important thing is that he is happy now and feeling better. I think at this point we are in the clear, and I’m very thankful.


19 thoughts on “Super quick update

  1. So happy hes on the mend. Im sure it was frighting for you and not happy for him either. Sounds like a gas colic to me not an impaction since your vet did a rectal and dint find anything there. I’ve seen a few before and his behavior in the stall is typical. I’n any event you can breathe now!

  2. Oh phew, Simon buddy, you had us all worried there. Feel better handsome, and don’t forget to throw that lameness thing out the back door with this sickness!

  3. oh man Simon – glad he’s feeling better! it’s crazy that there’s no diagnosis for something so intense… but hopefully whatever it was is gone and stays that way.

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