Summer Circuit Arrives Again

Summer Circuit Arrives Again

Regardless of what is happening with the rest of the world, one of the things you can count on if you’re an Austinite equestrian is the Central Texas Hunter Jumper Summer Circuit series of horse shows. It’s a three show series that are two weeks apart, and they’re basically a beefed up version of our usual weekend shows. One extra day of showing means for lots of additional divisions and some special classes.


Despite showing in Austin for four years now, I’ve never actually taken Simon to a summer circuit show. I wanted to this year, but the circumstances are less than ideal at the moment for a variety of different reasons.

Even though I was missing out again this year, I decided to take my mom who was visiting for the weekend to the show on Saturday night so I could watch the jumper classic and take photographs. Now this isn’t a particularly exciting jumper classic (minus one round… sorry Heather ;)), but I realized that once I got to the show that it felt so normal to be there watching my friends lugging my big camera around.


I was also pleasantly surprised by realizing that I finally felt like I really belonged at a horse show here. I saw several people within 5 minutes of walking in, and got to chat with them about how their horses were doing and how the show went. Yes, most everyone knows about my situation and sure that’s a reason for people to be extra friendly… but my widowhood was in the background instead of the foreground for at least one night.


Since I started becoming interested in hunter/jumpers, I’ve always wanted to be one of those equestrians who’s at least a little in the know. Knows many of the rider & horse pairs going in the ring, knows the big trainers, knows the barns, etc. For whatever reason, I feel like I’ve built some of that community here now… and it feels really good.


Now I just have to figure out how I can get my shit together so I can be one of those riders showing in these blasted shows instead of just sitting on the sideline!

25 thoughts on “Summer Circuit Arrives Again

  1. Those pictures are so good! I’ve been on the sidelines at shows myself a lot thanks to Copper’s tendency to pull shenanigans. 😉

  2. You changed the layout! I like it. I’m glad you got out and about. It’s always a good thing when horses and horse shows can take up some space in an otherwise troubled mind.

      1. Please come! I looked for you this weekend, knowing it was a long shot… I left long before the jumpers. I would so love to meet you and Simon. Long before I was showing at Centex I was reading your blog and endlessly studying the pictures of the venues I had never seen in person, thinking, one day… ýou are my inspiration!

  3. I thought about going on Saturday or Sunday but it was just too hot for me to feel like dragging my horse to the expo center. I’m pretending that I might go to the next one buuuut…

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Being “in the know” makes me feel like part of a real community and not just a visitor but a member, even when I’m not showing. But like you said, getting to compete more often would be the best!

  5. That’s so cool that you’ve got that community you’re building there- I’m constantly tagging along after my trainer so she can introduce me to people at shows, so hopefully I can build that same sort of community! In the meantime, I always love looking at your pictures 🙂

  6. It makes me happy that the equestrian community is making you feel a little more like yourself again or more comfortable. I agree that I like to know the trainers and people but don’t keep up with it enough generally.

  7. i definitely get a little more comfortable when communities start to feel familiar and like ‘home’ – awesome that you’re getting that feeling on this circuit!!

  8. Hello She Moved to Texas readers!

    We have gotten numerous requests from readers of this blog to donate to Lauren and get her to a horse show this summer or she may use the money however she sees fit. If you are interested in donating, here is a link:

  9. Love the new layout and, as always, the pics. And it’s so nice to be “in the know” – it’s like visiting with friends having a good time with their horses!

  10. As usual, GREAT pictures. Glad that you’re building a solid community. I feel the same. It would be really nice to feel like I belong at the horse show.

  11. I love when you start to feel like you’re part of the community. I love making friends and recognizing riders and horses from show to show.

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