Observations from CTHJA Summer Circuit 2

Observations from CTHJA Summer Circuit 2

This past Saturday I spent another day at the horse show cheering on friends and taking pictures.  Each summer circuit show has a special Saturday night class, and this weekend was the jumper classic.  It’s a big deal to us with a satin obsession, because they award giant beautiful neck ribbons.

And who doesn’t want to win giant beautiful neck ribbons?

As always, it was nice to observe the horse show from a spectator’s point of view.


Some horses just need to be dipped in gold almost immediately out of the womb.


A spirited horse and a spirited rider make for a fiery combination.  Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold, but it’s always something special. (Notice the broken breast plate!  He busted it jumping which is a first I’ve seen, ha)


The smaller and fancier the pony, the bigger the potential for ‘tude.  It’s a good kid that sticks through pony ‘tude and is mature throughout it.


The best way to train a dog is to stick them at a horse show for four days.


Jumpers really aren’t about going “fast”, but about being technical.


The best show horses never stop enjoy showing.  They kind of know that they’re fantastic.


When the going get tough, the tough get going.


We should never forget to be excited!  It’s not about winning, but winning is kind of awesome.


Still no substitution for hard work 🙂

21 thoughts on “Observations from CTHJA Summer Circuit 2

  1. I love your photos and observations! And I think Wiz is such a good show pony because he shows up and knows what it is and LOVES it. Every show we get to he gets more and more in-tune (and full of himself). He very much loves all of the attention 🙂 (He thinks horse show weekends are ALL about him! I mean, three days of nothing but pets and praises and lots of attention- sounds good ha). Sunday morning he was napping and all I had to do was pull out the cross-country boots and he saw them and started prancing around his stall pawing (which he had not done ALL weekend, and didn’t do after our ride). Such a smarty pants! But good, because his mother is also very competitive and loves showing… lol. Good when the personalities match 😉

    And I still really want a neck ribbon!

  2. My puppy and my neck ribbon all in one post? Woohoo! It was definitely fun just to do the classic, let alone to get a ribbon. Val is such a joy to ride. I guess that’s pretty evident on my face though.

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