Simon’s Thoughts on Flat Classes

Simon’s Thoughts on Flat Classes

After four beautiful rounds of jumping this past weekend, my trainer informed me that I needed to do the under saddle classes as well.

Simon and I hate flatting.

People say that it’s the race horse in him, but he never really raced and the truth is he’s almost as bad schooling at home as he is in the ring. I just don’t think he’s quite figured out what under saddle classes are all about.

It all started out alright…
but as soon as we pick up some speed, we both get a little nervous
There was a lot of this.
“I will trot like no other horse has trotted before!”
“Maybe the goal of a flat class is to look like an Arabian?”
“Maybe you have to be yellow to win a flat class!”


“He’s leaving… can I leave?”
“What? There are two of these!?!”
“I will dressage this flat class to death. See my dressage? My dressage is awesome.”
“Hey… I think this is a horse race I can actually win!”
Saddlebred country pleasure anyone?
“I don’t know what to doooooooo… Imma just going to curl my head and canter until it’s over.”
And then we both think “oh thank you Jesus this is over!”

23 thoughts on “Simon’s Thoughts on Flat Classes

  1. LOL. this cracks me up particularly because Prair LOVES flat classes. She knows what to do in those. (so do I) it’s the whole jumping thing that we have to work on….

  2. Flat classes in the grass are the worst! That tells a horse ‘go, go!’ haha. I love the photos and captions, sooo funny. You feel about flat classes what I pretty much feel about dressage… lets just get on to the jumping, please? 🙂

      1. He’s certainly cute enough to place in the hack I think! Especially from your videos at home, his movement is quite nice (when he’s relaxed, haha)

  3. LOL at the captions. Max is usually totally fine in flat classes but I always overthink my position trying to look perfect, therefore becoming stiff. In O/F classes, it’s usually just kind of just go, go, go and over before I know it! Only time to react 🙂

  4. In my one and only show on the Archer, my trainer let me scratch the flat class last minute. Her reasoning was that he was “up”, but I really think she was concerned about us chasing down little persons on ponies.

  5. Your pics from the flat class look like my OTTB’s first dressage test! Haha!!! Her trot work has gotten a little better, but we still have explosive canter transitions… Simon will get the hack class one day- he might be a little grey-er but I have confidence! He’s such a cutie 🙂

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