Shake It Up/Off

Shake It Up/Off

You will perhaps notice a new look about the blog.  I’m not sure I’m 100% married to it yet, but the longer I looked at my last design the more meh I felt about it.  Too much pastel, even for me.  Anyway, I’d like to hear if there are any issues/concerns with the new layout.  I’m happy with most things, but may change a font here or there unless there are major complaints.


Moving on!  I’ve been pretty quiet about Simon lately.  First I was waiting for him to suddenly come up three legged lame or dying from a mysterious illness.  Then I started taking a few lessons here and there… then I started looking at the show schedule.


Originally I made a super last minute plan to attend my favorite local show on September 12th, but Austin got nailed with tons of rain and that got rained out.  No biggie, we all thought – more time to prep!

Then Austin got hammered with even more rain, and the rain date got rained out.  Well damn.  I figured all of this was just a sign from the universe that I should save money and just not show much.  There was one more show in November, and maybe that would work out.



That was a bit excited, but I’m totally excited!  See, the show I really wanted to do in this late summer/early fall timeline was the Lope Benefit Show.  LOPE is our local OTTB rescue, and I wanted to support them.  Plus the show had a tiny hunter derby, little jumpers and a special OTTB highpoint award.  Sadly, it didn’t seem like it was going to work out… UNTIL TODAY.

Excuse me while I get left behind and look like a potato
Excuse me while I get left behind and look like a potato

They also had to cancel that show, and I immediately texted my trainer to see if she would take us to the rain date.  Because she is awesome (and partially since our barn hasn’t shown since July) she agreed!

Now all I need is the ring to dry so I can actually ride my horse and prep!

22 thoughts on “Shake It Up/Off

  1. So exciting!! Glad to hear you will be in the ring soon. Nothing like a little horse show excitement to make your life fun 🙂 Good luck and have a BLAST! Thrilled to hear Simon is (touch wood!) staying healthy and you’re back in the saddle and enjoying yourself. Love the pictures as well, you two look so lovely together and he is such a handsome fellow.

  2. Yeah I had the same problem as Val with the last layout, I don’t know what was up with it. Love this layout, I’m a chevron fan haha
    Yayyy for horse showing!!

  3. I’ve been trying to move my blog to this template for over a month and it refuses to work, so I’m happy someone got it to. Lovin’ it! Good luck showing, seems everywhere is getting rained on like crazy.

  4. Yay horse show! Sounds like a super fun opportunity to get back to showing!

    I like the change. Cool comment boxes, and the home page has more of a newsy/media/modern feel to it. I like the labels on the posts’ featured images too. My two cents! 🙂

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