Rock Solid Citizen

Rock Solid Citizen

Once upon a time I had a green horse.  Rides were somewhat unpredictable, and some lessons I could do my best and things would still kinda suck overall because he was green.

Then I took weekly (or twice weekly) lessons for two years.  I added a weekly training ride.  We went to shows with the only goal being “get around”.  We did more stuff at home on our non-lesson days.  Slowly it started coming together.


Simon has always been a really good guy.  I think you can tell from reading this blog that I’m not a superstar rider.  I can’t take a hot, crazy wild horse and turn it into an on the buckle hunter.  Naturally, his personality has made training him pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.


I stopped fearing falling off about two months after I got him, but still I kept thinking of him as the green horse.

This past weekend I had a lesson where we did some complicated things including the circle of death (poles) at the trot and canter, 3/4 the circle of death jumping, asking for leads over the fence, flying changes, and bending lines.  It was a smidge more difficult than our normal lessons, even though all the jumps were friendly and small.


I had a fantastic time.  Sure, I definitely made mistakes but we rocked the circle of death at times and he changed that lead for me over the fence and he gave me two clean (although expressive) flying changes.  After our lesson, I felt like a million bucks.


I realized that it was one of the first lessons on Simon that I’ve ever had where I felt like everything that didn’t go well was 100% my fault.  That’s not to say I’ve been running around blaming my horse for everything for the past two years, but I daresay he feels really damn broke at this point.  If it’s something he’s done before, and I asked correctly with the correct timing… he’s going to do it more times than not.


It feels like the end of the sprint, and ahead of us is the marathon.

My horse and I have lots of things to learn and lots of things to improve on, but I think I’ll stop calling him green.  I will still be calling him a nerd, because that’s a description that doesn’t go hand in hand with training!

16 thoughts on “Rock Solid Citizen

  1. Isn’t that a good feeling, realizing that suddenly, all the problems are YOUR problems? You have more control over those! 🙂

    You and Simon are a good team, and he always looks so happy and relaxed.

  2. Congrats to you and all your hard work!
    That’s always been one of my favorite moments with my green horses…I was in a show once and overhead the judge say to her assistant ‘that horse is really well trained!’, and I was like ‘is she talking about US?!!!’. I didn’t win or anything, but I still consider that one of my favorite rides ever on that particular mare just because I start to think we might be ‘legit’.

  3. Interesting you should write this because I was kind of thinking about Speedy in that way just recently. He may be a dork at times, but I finally decided that he is pretty darned broke. He is still a horse though and will occasionally spook or try to dislodge me, but that’s not because of being green, that’s just because he thinks he’s pretty smart. ;0)

  4. I agree with the other Kristin^^! Lots of warm fuzzies. Every horse I’ve ever owned has been uber green from the start. That one breakthrough/realization day feels like winning every class ever and bundling it all up in one big feeling. Congrats on the awesome journey and don’t doubt Simon’s and your superstardom. You don’t have to be winning Grand Prixs to be a superstar, you just need to be happy and confident. I would say that you two definitely fall into that category!

  5. It took me a long time to trust Apollo, he is also a solid citizen but I am a micromanaging worrier sometimes. You guys are looking great in those pics. Glad to see the lameness issues have resolved 🙂

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