Photoshopping the Perfect Horse

Photoshopping the Perfect Horse

There’s been a lot in the media lately about photoshop.  With celebrities being anti-photoshop (show the world my wrinkles and hips!) or okay with it (show no one my wrinkles and hips!) the topic has gotten a bit polarizing.

Simon has conflicted stances on Photoshopping his portfolio.

He feels as if a little enhancing could really help him with the “plump, hunter warmblood look.”


Without any post processing enhancements, his hope for an AQHA Aged Geldings Halter World Championship would be slim to none.


If he wanted to try his racing hat back on, he’d probably need to trim down some.


And certainly the Arabian Horse Association wouldn’t accept his registration without more than a little adjusting.


For now, I think we’ll just keep our anti-photoshop policy.  I personally like him just the way he is!


23 thoughts on “Photoshopping the Perfect Horse

  1. I don’t feel the need to Photoshop my horse, but if I had better Photoshop skills, you can bet I’d be slimming myself down! Less belly – yes!!! Thinner thighs – you got it!!!

  2. Arabian Simon’s face is hilarious! Scary to think about buying a horse who’s photo might have been ‘enhanced’!!

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