My love of equestrian Christmas ornaments is well documented on this blog. Just as it has globally in the second half of this year, horses have taken more of a back seat in my life. I’m more than just an equestrian, and my Christmas tree is more than just horse ornaments (although… it’s mostly horse ornaments).

This looks nothing like Pascale, but I feel she’s under-represented so I buy random black dog ornaments I find

Last year I didn’t even put up a Christmas tree or take a single ornament out of the box. It was an activity I used to do with Tim, and every ornament reminds me of a different time and place. I couldn’t handle thinking about them last year. This year, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the massive tubberware that is labeled “Christmas Happy.” I decided to combat the waves of emotion I was sure to feel by inviting some friends over and getting very, very drunk.

Healthiest coping mechanism? Probably not. Fun? Oh yes.

Tim’s fa la la la la robot

Like an OCD holiday drill sergeant, I strung the lights on the tree in my usual fashion… except after two shots of cranberry vodka the spacing was a little off. Eh, who cares! This is holly jolly Christmas! Southern Living isn’t coming to my house anytime soon.

Subtle shout out to “The Little Prince”

After hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnaps I yelled at my friends, “COME IN HERE AND HELP ME PUT ORNAMENTS ON THIS THING!” They did, because they are awesome. Then I had to move half the ornaments off the bottom of the tree, because I put it by the dog’s strategic “stand here and bark at strangers window” and there have been some Christmas casualties this year.

Creepy drug store Boston Terrier? Oh yes

Anyway, this is a pointless post to say that I wanted to share some of my non-horse ornaments with you. I don’t know why. Maybe you’re interested, or maybe I just need to document them in photo form before the dogs break everything I own.

My family has a weird thing with shrimp ornaments. I hate shrimp ornaments.
Therefore, they keep giving me shrimp ornaments.

Either way, here are some of my favorites!

There are a lot of English Springer Spaniels
of Springer Spaniels
Go Pack!
My favorite Boston Terrier ornament
My favorite “this dog is black and Pascale is also black” ornament
One of Tim’s childhood ornaments I still put up
There used to be a Yoda too, but his ears & light saber broke so I put him out of his misery this year
Got this for Tim our last Christmas. We both loved Doctor Who. I need to get a matching Tardis
I have a ton of these tiny books from my childhood tree. They are 100% complete and you can read them!
A little callout to our time living near Boston
Howdy Ho!
Stephen Huneck angel BT is always at the top of the tree, even before she really was an angel BT

Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament for your tree?

19 thoughts on “Ornamental

  1. A hahaha literally have had a post queued for a week about ornaments. (I actually only have four or five ornaments because this is my first my own Christmas tree) I don’t expect you to repost or anything but hopefully you add your link to the link up!

  2. Dang, that is a LOT of ornaments. We’re not ornament collectors, at all. Can’t even remember the last time we got a new one!

  3. I may steal the fox. Just warning. I have an entire (little tabletop) tree dedicated to woodland creatures and I need more foxes…the hedgies are taking over. 😉

  4. I love ornaments. I love your ornaments. Mine is also mostly ponies, but has it’s share of great danes, english mastiffs, childhood ones, and a crap ton of Hallmark cars.

  5. I have not had my “own” tree yet, although I have decorated a garland and wreath each year. I do have a decent collection of ornaments my mom gave me, some that I made as a kid, or liked as a kid and some cool vintage ones that I swiped when she put them in the give away pile. I have accrued a few of my own as well, and hopefully next year there will be no dog surgery and therefore no dog rehab in the spot where the tree will go and we can finally get a tree! It will be fun to pull them all out as they have been wrapped up for the past 6 years or so.

  6. Our ornament collection has shrunk considerably since our girls grew up and have their own trees now. My husband and I now give each other one every year to re-grow our collection. Lots of horse, dog, and cat ornaments – oh and drinking ones…

  7. I don’t have a personal favourite Christmas ornament – we buy a fresh collection every Christmas since I’ve changed the tree’s colour scheme every year so far that I’ve had my own place/tree.

    I’d love to start collecting more sentimental ornaments like yours as I always love your Christmas tree decoration posts. Not long ago actually I was trawling through your ornament posts and loved your Breyer Christmas collections, but until I can justify splashing out on those I’ll just admire them online.. ha, I expect they’ll be a future ‘favourite ornament’ post.

    I am totally loving the fully readable book ornament in this year’s post, and the angel BT! So lovely.
    Hope you have a really merry Christmas this year Lauren. 🙂

  8. I’m a Jew, so no tree, but I LOVE Christmas trees! And ornaments! And if I could somehow make a Chanukah bush a real thing, I totally would. But since I haven’t yet, thank you for sharing!
    I have some of those tiny books too. I remember one of my teachers gave them out to us in school, and she made sure to write Happy Chanukah in mine instead of Merry Christmas. I always appreciated that gesture. I’m not in the least offended if I get wished a merry Christmas, but I totally appreciate when someone thinks to actually wish me a happy Chanukah.
    And also, every Christmas since my horses have been home I make a Mr Hanky reference while cleaning stalls on Christmas morning on Instagram… No one else seems to appreciate my humor as it gets very few likes… But I’ll keep doing it. Cause Mr Hanky.

  9. I love those ornaments! My tree is a shit storm this year. I just don’t have any time to give fucks about how it looks. My house looks like someone was drunk and bought everything from the dollar store to decorate with. And that is indeed what happened.

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