Fa La La La Dogs

Fa La La La Dogs

Last year I did my best to skip Christmas. While I attended holiday gatherings with my family, my heart wasn’t in it. As a lifelong lover of all things holly jolly, I can’t tell you how weird this was for me. Weird, but understandable. The goal of Christmas 2015 was survival. This year, the stakes are higher.

Grief has stolen so much from me that I’m not going to let it take my holiday spirit. I’m not back to my normal festivity. Having a Christmas party seemed more like a hassle than something to look forward to, and I won’t be digging through tons of Christmas cookie recipes to make the perfect batch for my co-workers. I have however, made a lot more effort. In the next week and a half before I leave for North Carolina and a marathon round of holiday traveling, I’ll share some of my Christmas tidings with you through photos on the blog. Truthfully much of my writing time is devoted to getting my grad school apps finished up, but I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Today they talk about dog hats.

See, I shop at Target several times a week. It’s five minutes from my house, and I’m addicted. Each time I walk to pick up this or that, I pass the dog section… the dog section with winter dog hats.

Each time previously I’ve said to myself, Self – you don’t need to spend $12 on a dog hat. You really don’t.

That voice stayed strong until today.

Because today I was mildly hungover, and the only things I needed at Target were cleaning supplies (boring) and diet coke (typical).

The dog hats won.

I have no regrets.

20 thoughts on “Fa La La La Dogs

  1. Honestly. Maybe you didn’t need that $12 dog hat (unlikely). But, I did. So… from the bottom of my Monday-destroyed self. Thank you. Thank you so, so, so much.

  2. Elliot looks slightly horrified about having to wear a dog hat. Probably because he doesn’t have a MATCHING COLLAR… how could you be so cruel? 😉

  3. You don’t need voices in your life that tell you not to buy dog hats. Clearly you do need dog hats in your life. I’m just thankful the closest Target is almost an hour away so that I will not also need dog hats in MY life.

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