Moving Day

Moving Day

We’ve moved. This worry wort pony mother survived and in case you’re wondering, so did Simon.

I don’t exactly know why, but this barn move has been stressing me out. It shouldn’t, because new trainer is great and Jen is great and Simon is pretty great too. Think I just need to lock Nancy Negative in a closet because I really need to stop worrying so much.

So Jen arrived with her beautiful truck and trailer, and my horse decided to make a good first impression by refusing to get in. Thank you horse, thank you so much.


This bothered me, because he’s usually a really reliable loader but he was just being a brat. To quote Jen, he pulled a “I don’t wanna go and you can’t make me.” I tried asking nicely several times, but agreed to get a crop at her suggestion. After a few polite taps on the rump I whacked him one good time and then he went right on. Bratty pony.


On the road, he was a little but of a wiggle worm but no real naughty behavior. I followed the trailer and noticed he shifted his weight a ton, wasn’t eating and didn’t seem very comfortable. Oh great, I thought – were going to arrive there and he’s going to be all colicky and I’ll be that new boarder with the problem horse who’s always freaking out about things. See? Negative Nancy reading her ugly head again.


Really though, the ride was wonderfully uneventful. We arrived at the farm and immediately after getting off the trailer he pooped. Phew! At first he was a little wild eyed but we walked around some to see the sites.


Luckily his nervousness didn’t last long due to this wonderful thing called grass, which there is a lot of at the farm.


He settled down, Jen took some adorable pictures of us… And the rest is pretty uneventful.


We turned him out in the round pen for the night to get him used to his new home, and today he will get to go out in a paddock for the day. I’m sure in a few days he will transition to the full night time turnout with his tbd buddy, but trainer wants to supervise him out in the electric fence for what may be the first time. Y’all know me – I’m all for caution and taking things slow 🙂 Am going out tonight to lunge and maybe ride – will see what he feels up to. But yes, fun adventures up ahead for sure!


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29 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I see someone else downloaded the “A Beautiful Mess” app yesterday! Love it! (And, seriously, I think enough of the crap is free.)

    Glad he made a smooth transition!

      1. They said on their blog that it was sorta pricey to create an app. But, with your experience in graphic design, it should be a breeze, right? At least the “doodles” aspect. L. Williams could probably draw some stuff, too! I’m not artistic enough with my hands or I’d offer to help. 🙂

  2. Yay! Glad the move went smooth. No matter how prepared you are, moves are always nerve wracking. New barn looks nice 🙂 I am sure Simon will settle in without a problem.

  3. I’m so happy that the move went so well!! Red pulled the “I’m not going in that trailer” stunt, too. We ended up using a crop and he went in. :)) I can’t wait to see pictures of you out riding Simon at your new barn!!!! 🙂 I hope you are able to stay at this barn for a long time! 🙂

  4. Aw, Simon wasn’t THAT much of a brat about getting in the trailer! I’m just sorry that he wasn’t more comfortable during the haul. And it seemed like he settled in really well, but who wouldn’t with all that delicious grass! Y’all are really going to love that barn I think!

  5. Grrrl you are so speaking my language, as you saw from my most recent post. Let’s all work on positivity! It sounds like the things we’re worrying about haven’t come to pass so maybe we can learn to relax. 🙂

  6. Glad it all went well! Changing barns can definitely be stressful, no matter how close or far the new barn is. I’m always a huge worrywart with Lily on the trailer…you can imagine how bad it was when she got shipped 1200 miles from FL to MD! I hope you love your new barn! 🙂

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