Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Work is pretty crazy right now. Not bad crazy, but more like “I’ve been in meetings for five hours and I still have 3 items that need to be done by EOD” kind of week. Haven’t been out to the barn much, but am planning on going tonight. I’m also in the middle of my 1st week of doing the South Beach diet, which is essentially kicking all carbs and sugars. One more week and then I get to re-introduce complex carbs into my life… but for right now I have a headache and having visions of bread dancing through my mind.

Instead of posting extensive pictures of baked goods to this blog, here are some cute images of Simon discovering his new Likit.  I am off to another meeting (of course) and am already looking forward to the weekend.





5 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Ugh! My doc recommended the South Beach diet for me last year. I lasted all of three weeks. As a vegetarian, all I’m gonna say: too many beans!

    1. Oh I don’t think I’d make it as a vegetarian. My husband is vegan, so it’s hard enough doing vegan friendly meals on SB for us at dinner. Don’t think I could do it full time.

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