Experiencing a Horse Show Told by True Blood Gifs

Experiencing a Horse Show Told by True Blood Gifs

Today is really frustrating me for a wide variety of reasons.  The post I had for today is going to happen later this week, and instead you’re going to endure my True Blood obsession for a little bit.

Horse shows have a lot of feelings, often in a manic kind of way.  Laughter?  Tons.  Crying?  Oh yes.

If you’ve never been to a horse show, it’s hard to explain the drama involved.  I’m going to do so with True Blood animated gifs… because I am obsessed with that show and still reeling from Sunday night’s episode.

The start of the horse show is the most amazing day of all days, full of hope and promise.


You enter with a ton of confidence. All things are possible!  This is going to be a great show!


You head into the first class with a little flair and a lot of pizzazz.


Hmm, maybe a little too much pizzazz.  That didn’t exactly go as planned.


It’s okay.  You’ve got plenty more classes left.  Time for a rebound.


You look around at your fellow competitors…


Which are younger, richer (hello parents!) and more fit than you.


And after another maybe not so successful class, you begin to feel like everyone is watching you.


And the show is more entertaining than you want it to be.


It’s going downhill.


Your parent/trainer/friend tries to console you…


But eventually you stop pouting and turn your frustrations into action.


Somehow pull off a good class for the first time all day.


And the horse show fever re-ignites.  Next time I’ll be champion, next time!


12 thoughts on “Experiencing a Horse Show Told by True Blood Gifs

  1. I died. This is seriously a perfect post, and who doesn’t love True Blood?! I have unfortunately been in the “it’s going downhill” camp lately, but I’m definitely shooting for more of the “ciao bitches” feeling…

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