DIY Horse Show Ribbon Shadowbox

DIY Horse Show Ribbon Shadowbox

I will never be one of those people who throw away ribbons. Being able to show horses has been a life long dream for me. I’ve worked really hard to win and also pay for all of these ribbons. You can bet that I want them out where I can enjoy them instead of locked in a box or thrown away!

Even that being said, my ribbon area was looking a bit hodge podge lately. I had stuffed Elvis’ entire show collection in two large glass jars, but that didn’t leave any room for Simon’s new ribbons. Last year I put them on an empty curtain rod as they came home, but that looked too hodge podge for me. Plus, the ribbons get dusty and gross just hanging up there.



My original plan was to send most of Elvis’ old ribbons off to be into a ribbon quilt, but that didn’t seem like the best choice of funds at the moment. Tired of no solution, I headed off to Michael’s in search of a shadow box.

The idea was to make a collage out of the rosettes so I could display them easily, but still be able to salvage the ribbons in case I wanted to get my quilt made in the future.

First, I made sure that the streamers of every ribbon were carefully rolled up and tucked behind the metal clip.


Next I went through and selected my favorite 1st, 2nd and 3rd ribbons from my collection. I tried to pick the ones that were from a more prestigious show or sentimental favorites. In the end, I made sure that I had at least one from every show and I started placing them on the black felt shadowbox back.


Before I secured any ribbons, I got the general placement and closeness how I wanted it.


Then I got out the trusty hot glue gun, and carefully put hot glue just on the metal part of the back of the ribbon. I don’t think hot glue will hurt the actual ribbon, but for me it was better safe than sorry.


I glued the ribbons down from back to front, and went row by row. I don’t think the small amount of hot glue would survive a child tugging on these, but for being protected by glass and not moving around much… the glue job is totally fine.

Once I got all the ribbons down, it was as easy as getting my husband to help me hang it on the wall.


I think it looks pretty good! I do wish I had them closer together in some areas or had ribbon streamers to cover up the black areas showing through, but for an hour project I think this looks really nice. Plus, I can take them out anytime if I decide to do something different with them.

As for special champion ribbons, I ironed out the streamers and placed them in what I’m not calling my “trophy case.” Let’s face it – I have more interest in champion ribbons than I do fine china, so these have a welcome home in the top shelf of my China cabinet alongside my grandfather’s carvings.


Now there’s some more room in the jars for my (hopefully) 2015 collection, and I can fully appreciate the other ribbons!

42 thoughts on “DIY Horse Show Ribbon Shadowbox

  1. Now I feel guilty…all of my ribbons are in a box under the guest bed…lol. Except last years…I think they’re in a closet downstairs…maybe? In my defense, they’re from a bunch of different horses and I’m reluctant to make anything until I have enough from one horse…if that makes sense?

  2. I made something like that, but yours turned out way better! I think I need a smaller box…somewhere along the way I lost a box of ribbons so mine looks a little sparse.

  3. Cute! Pretty sure I’ve saved all my ribbons – got a couple of boxes of them but no great way to display them as of yet.

  4. Those look awesome! Great ways to display ribbons. I can’t throw mine away either. Mine are all in boxes in the garage… future project someday! 🙂

  5. I think it looks totally awesome!

    I am also of the never-throw-out-ribbons camp. I have ribbons from 1998 hanging out in an Ariat tall boot box from around the same time! I have my favorites on a string in the living room, because that’s my idea of decorating. LOLZ

  6. You are so crafty! I love it! I am a guilty member of the ‘throw the ribbons away’ club. My excuse is that I’ll always have the memories. 🙂

  7. Love it! Looks fab! You know what is cool, I have a shadow box from 1901 that someone made of their ribbons from the “Montreal Horse Show” – 3 Blues and a Red. It’s such an awesome antique and I love that I have someones cherished memories from over a hundred years ago.

    I’m making a “shrine” in my tackroom. Since you only get one ribbon at events – they are superbly coveted!

  8. Awesome! I was at target and saw some lamps with glass bases that you can fill today and thought about getting them for my ribbons… But I think I like this better!

  9. Very nice! What size shadow box did you use? I think I’ve got almost every ribbon I’ve ever received from when I started riding at 9. When I was younger, they were on a wire and formed a border around the top of my room. Now they are just sitting in a Rubbermaid container at my parents’ house. Love this idea for getting to display them and also loving that I’m not too old to display my ribbons in my 30s (as long as I’m not stringing them around my bedroom, I guess.). 🙂

  10. Love this idea! My parents are constantly asking when I’m going to take all my old ribbons off my hands, and this is such a pretty colorful way to display them!

  11. Very nice! I also never throw away ribbons…the thought makes me so sad! Even cutting them up to make a quilt makes me cringe a little lol even though the quits are really cool. I have the same sentiments are showing being always what I wanted to do, so ribbons are a real treasure to me! Plus like T Myers pointed out eventer only get one per event!

  12. I love this and will have to steal your idea! My latest display for ribbons was a large picture frame with chicken wire where I hang them, but I like your idea of using a shadow box for my special ribbons from my heart horse. 🙂

  13. That is super cute! I need to find something to do with all of mine. Like you I usually only have the past years ribbons hanging at a time.

  14. wow that turned out really well!! i like how organized and clean it looks (and you can always add little sewing pins if the hot glue starts to give out). nice diy!!

  15. That looks nice! Mine are all hanging from my bulletin board. Maybe I will get creative now and make a shadow box too. I refuse to throw any out, but I do follow a couple of blogs that do. Boggles my mind!

  16. What a great idea! I have all my ribbons in a bag because I too was thinking of having them made into something, but I might just do this instead. Thanks for sharing.

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