Determination Face

Determination Face

I did something crazy yesterday.


I entered a show.

I entered a show that is unlikely to be rained out.


I entered a show that is unlikely to be rained out for a max 2’9″ jumper division.

I have four days… that should be enough time right?


I’ve done this before.

Or bigger (at home).


So I can do it again.




38 thoughts on “Determination Face

  1. RIGHT!!! I was wanting to try to move up to 2’6″ this weekend from the 2′ (why we don’t have a 2’3″ division in our entire series, I have no idea!), but not being able to ride and jump consistently means that we will probably just stay at the 2’s and maybe do 1 2’6″ if we’re feeling brave/great/foolish….

    Best of luck! Can’t wait for the recap!

  2. Definitely yes!

    I find that doing last minute shows prevents me from spending weeks being anxious about it, so I’m less nervous overall. 😉 Hope it’s the same for you!

  3. You got this! Just tell yourself it’s 2’6″ with one iPhone width added. See jumping iphpnes doesn’t sound scary 😉

  4. Heck yeah you can do this!! Take your time. When I walk in the ring I take my time, take it all in, breath, and tell myself it’s just like riding at home. Now go have fun!

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