Day 8 – A Little About the Barn You Ride At

Day 8 – A Little About the Barn You Ride At

I ride at Bee Cave Riding Center in southwest Austin.  I came there two years ago when I wanted to upgrade the boarding situation for Teaspoon from a trail barn to a place that has lessons and shows.


Bee Cave is a no thrills, hard working facility.  We don’t have fancy facilities, or rolling green pastures.  We do have a really great group of people, including the most patient, sane, and encouraging trainer I’ve ever had the privilege of riding with.  We have two rings to ride in, amazing lights, and plenty of hay (which if you board in Texas, you know is a big deal).

I’m extremely lucky to be here, because the people are so amazing.  It’s mostly a kids barn, and the big business is summer camp that includes riding lessons, pool time, and art school.  So yes, I am an adult rider here in a sea of kids.  There are a few other adult riders as well, but most of them don’t work so they get to ride in the daytime… lucky bastards 🙂


Bee Cave is extremely affordable, which is the only reason I can afford to lesson and show as much as I do right now.  Even if I had egads of money, I’d have a difficult time leaving.  Kathy is so generous and has saved many Thoroughbreds from the track to be turned into fat and happy school horses, sold to good homes, or given away to clients.  Here in my lessons I feel pressure to be good to my horse and a good trainer to him, but never to make it to the next division… do more shows… do rated shows… get a nicer horse, etc.  I’ve been at barns where I felt those pressures before, and I don’t like it.

When I come here, I’m greeted by happy people and I get to channel my inner teenager.  It’s a breath of fresh air.

Mickey, a retired pony, chilling in our rocky turnout
Mickey, a retired pony, chilling in our rocky turnout

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  2. Hey Lauren,

    I used to go to the Bee Cave Riding center when I was younger. Now, I’m a little too old to be bumping up and down on a horse.

    I enjoyed your pictures. Thanks. Sam

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