Day 16 – Your Most Recent Fall

Day 16 – Your Most Recent Fall

A ton of these 30 day challenges are about falling, geez!  On the Simon lameness note – I am feeling less mopey.  I am not the only person in the world who has had to deal with a lame horse.  Not every horse that tears something making an ass of themselves in the pasture is going to be lame forever.  I’m a good horse mom, it’ll be fine.

Consider this post some mental insight into the thoughts of Lauren before and leading up to my last fall.


Gee, he sure is spooky in this corner today.  

Stop looking at that.  Go forward!

Good boy.  That’s much better… Ah!  Giant wasp has landed on his neck… must swat away wasp without horse getting stung.  

Ok, giant wasp on my shoulder.  Minor freak out.  Wasp is gone.  Horse is still trotting.  Crisis averted.

Stop. Looking. At. That. Corner.

Oh someone is trail riding down the hill in neon blue tack.  That’s why you’re looking at the corner.  Gee I didn’t know a horse could trot with his head bent around at a 90 degree angle.  

Ok ok, let’s stop and look at the trail rider.

Birds chirp.

Are we satisfied now?  Good, let’s get back to trotting.  I told you to stop lookin—


2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Your Most Recent Fall

  1. uh, yep. That’s usually how it goes! Speedy dumped me pretty hard in May, and then followed it up not two weeks later with a similar maneuver. We schooled THAT trick out of him. Shortened reins – I love you!

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