Austin Trail of Lights

Austin Trail of Lights

I know it’s a little late for Christmas posts, but in my family we always considered Christmas a season that lasts until New Year’s… and therefore this still works 🙂  Even though we’ve been in Austin for four Christmases (five?), we’ve never been to the Trail of Lights.


For those of you who aren’t local, the Trail of Lights is a Christmas “winter wonderland” located in our most famous and beloved park near downtown.  Zilker park, home to the lights, is a large park next to Town Lake (damned up area of the Colorado River right by downtown).  It’s also home to the Austin City Limits music festival, and all sorts of fun activities.  Each year for the holidays, they make a trail by lighting up all the old trees in the park.  There are also lighted walkways, decorations (some very strange…) and all kinds of vendors.


It’s a really fun way to spend your evening getting in the Christmas spirit.



We went the last night it was open this year, and the place was packed.  At times it felt a little bit more like “Cattle Chute” than “Fa la la” but we still had a nice time wandering around.


Super creepy decorations
Super creepy decorations

These pictures didn’t come out that great, but with a super low battery and no tripod… I think they turned out okay.







Hope your New Years eve is filled with something fun and festive 🙂  Countdown to 2015 starts now!

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