All The Thank Yous

All The Thank Yous

During this process, I’ve gotten a lot of kindness and help. Some of it is minor like a card or flowers, and some of it is huge like hiring movers or sending me to a horse show. It’s hard to adequately thank someone for these acts of generosity, but my southern upbringing tells me that the best place to start is a good ‘ol thank you note.

Several people have told me that I shouldn’t worry about writing thank you notes with everything else I have going on. It’s true, a lot is happening and I’m really busy right now. What y’all may not realize though, is that sitting down to write these notes is a cathartic process for me.



I try to hit one to two nights a week when the house is mostly clean, critters are happy and I feel fairly relaxed. I’ll put on a brainless TV show (America’s Got Talent wut wut… who knew Heidi Klum was so adorable?), light a scented candle and get to writing. My goal is to address every card, donation or act of kindness with a hand written card. I’m very behind currently, but slowly catching up.

Since I’m a bit of a nerd, I’m trying to match the card design to the type of thank you. Horse friends get horse cards, which started out with this Sierra Club wild mustang set of blank cards I was given as a gift this year.


Since those are running low, I went and ordered some more equestrian cards from Etsy. I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything I LOVED, so settled on these classy monogram cards.


For the Austin Pets Alive donation thank yous and some of his co-workers that knew BT, I tried to stick with Boston Terrier centric cards. Turns out there aren’t a ton of options out there, but I found some cute ones. First this rotation of Boston Terrier art.


When I realized I would be writing a lot of cards, I picked up two more designs from a graphic kind of pop artist. One Boston Terrier and one Pit bull.



So here’s the real reason I have gone into the rabbit hole of note cards for this post… I need more equestrian cards! I’m turning to all you awesome readers for your suggestions. I’m looking for:

  • Equestrian art or photography that is not “Home on the range” feeling
  • Blank inside
  • Set of at least 8
  • Reasonably priced

Open to any suggestions you can find! I’m going to blow through the rest of my equestrian cards pretty soon, and would love to stock up on more stationary 🙂

13 thoughts on “All The Thank Yous

  1. Here’s a thought….why not order some from Shutterfly with one of your beautiful photographs? I don’t know the cost but it’s something to think about….and you are still in my prayers….

    1. Good idea! I have thought about that a little. If I can’t get anything I like I might play around with some digital art/photography and make my own. Just was hoping to find something in stock so I can get it shipped faster 🙂

  2. Costco also does photo cards… they’re very fast and quite inexpensive. I’d be happy to order them for you!

  3. i can’t think of any awesome recommendations off the top of my head (tho i agree that your own photographs would be lovely). but it’s still very sweet of you and i’m glad you’re enjoying the process of sitting down and relaxing while writing the cards

  4. This is going to sound hokey and you may hate it – but Walmart. Seriously. I had the recommendation last Christmas and despite my misgivings, I went ahead and ordered a photo book from them online. I made a book for my daughter of her two boys, added all kinds of text to the arrangement, sent the order in and had the book in NO time. And the book looks great. They do cards as well, they are inexpensive, you can use your own photos and have them delivered fast. Just something to consider.
    you can get rounded corners and maybe some other customizations.

  5. My stationery addiction is real. At any given time, I have at LEAST 3 dozen sets of notecards and envelopes, plus postcards. Most of mine is monogrammed, but for good horse-themed ones I suggest:
    -See Horse Design, which you have already found!
    -American Stationery has a couple of reasonably priced designs you can personalize. My favorite is this:
    -Caspari has a fun zebra design:
    -Felix Doolittle has an EXCELLENT selection of equestrian stationery:

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