Adventures in the Blissfully Mundane

Adventures in the Blissfully Mundane

It’s been a quiet weekend here.


Suffice to say, I much prefer quiet to running myself over with my car. In fact I’m oh so happy to report that I have driven myself some independently this week and have managed to keep all 4 car doors on my husband’s car. Hopefully I will continue to have as much success with my car when I get it back early this week.

The worst thing to happen to me all weekend was that my Dover gift card wouldn’t download properly on my phone in order for me to buy a sun shirt. Tragedy folks. Tragedy.

I did survive this horrible event mostly due to good company. Jen from CobJockey was in town for the weekend, and I went to lunch on Saturday with her and the other Jen from Wyvern Oaks. Even being outnumbered by Jens, I had a fabulous time. Always love getting to know other bloggers!

The rest of Saturday involved washing anything inside my house (excluding dogs) that would fit in my washing machine. I’ll spare you those details.


I had hoped to lesson on Sunday, but Austin got 3″ of rain dumped on us Thursday – Friday. That meant the barn was a swamp, but I still went to see the ponykins. Even though it was muddy, the weather was just beautiful so I couldn’t resist hopping on bareback. Two years ago I would have never dared get on Simon bareback with a halter after he’d had time off for three days. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest decision to do today, but minus some snorting he was the perfect gentleman.


We strolled around and soaked up the sun. I stuffed his face with treats during the ride so he would be less likely to spook at all the dogs playing. It worked I guess!


After I tested out my new ice boots. Will review them on the blog later after a few more trials.


So maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’m just super dull, but this really felt like a fabulous weekend. Hope y’all can say the same of yours!

25 thoughts on “Adventures in the Blissfully Mundane

  1. I’m kind of jealous of a relaxing weekend. One of these days I’d love to experience that again, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen for a few months.

  2. Yay for sunny bareback halter rides!
    Sidenote: Your crosstie floor is super clean! The floor at my barn is almost always dirty and its one of my pet peeves. Simon is adorable and I sort of want to steal him to fulfill my secret in-the-closet hunter princess fantasy. 😉

      1. We have rules about it too and it’s always great when they are followed! I worked at a barn where we were not allowed to have any sort of mess in the crossties or the aisles and they were swept 3-4 times a day. It became a habit for me to keep aisles and crossties immaculate, so now it bugs me when they’re dirty.

  3. I had so much fun this weekend and loved getting to meet you! I do think we need to come up with a different name for one/both of us before Blogger weekend, I can already see our heads spinning every time someone says “Jen”.

  4. My weekend was the same, it was SO nice. Although, I am jealous of the fabulous sun ya’ll got since we were graced with 2-3″ of snow 🙁

  5. Jealous of the sunshine! Had a quiet weekend over in VA too, but that’s mostly just ’cause it was too cold and snowy to leave the house. Great excuse to relax though 🙂

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